3rd Rock from the Sun star at Comic-Con!

Fans of the television classic 3rd Rock from the Sun will have a chance to meet one of its stars this afternoon at Comic-Con 2022!

French Stewart, who played the silly character Harry Solomon, will be interacting with fans at 2:30 pm near the COZI TV activation, on a patch of grass just outside the Omni hotel, across from the San Diego Convention Center.

I don’t know if he’ll be interrupted by a transmission from the Big Giant Head, but I suppose you’ll have to be present to find out!

French Stewart was at a private event earlier this morning when these photos were snapped.

I won’t post the photo, but I observed him shaking the hands of someone special across the rope who was a very big fan. I could see from the sudden tears it was a very big and meaningful moment in a life.

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