World premiere Spider-Man exhibit opens!

The world premiere of Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing opened yesterday at the Comic-Con Museum in San Diego!

The extraordinary exhibition, which occupies nearly all of the Comic-Con Museum’s large first floor, celebrates the history of Spider-Man.

Visitors can see dozens of pieces of original art used in the creation of the comic books, and important props from many of Spider-Man’s immensely popular movies. The superhero’s appearance on television and in video games is also documented.

I spent a full hour today just reading the many displays and viewing incredible, historic artwork.

Originally drawn from the imaginations of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Spider-Man has evolved over time, as new writers and artists have built on Spidey’s complex story. Societal norms and comic book sensibilities have shifted over the decades, but one thing has been fairly consistent. Spider-Man represents a youthful, optimistic “everyman” hero, who copes with life’s ordinary problems while battling fantastic villains.

A good crowd had already arrived as the museum opened at ten o’clock this morning, and I saw numerous families and excited kids–many wearing Spider-Man shirts and costumes. There are many opportunities to take selfies, and the atmosphere created inside the dynamic exhibition is truly exciting.

Walking through, I felt my old passion for Spider-Man flaring again. The exhibition makes it obvious why the wall-crawler remains one of the all-time favorite pop culture icons!

During Comic-Con, a shuttle bus will run between the San Diego Convention Center and the Comic-Con Museum. I encourage Comic-Con attendees to come up to Balboa Park and check out the exhibition. It’s well worth the time and effort!

Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing will continue at the Comic-Con Museum through the end of 2022.

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Cool photo memories from July 2017.

Cool San Diego Sights documented a variety of interesting events five years ago.

In 2017, during the month of July, I visited Old Town, North Park, Normal Heights, Little Portugal and Balboa Park, and I watched the big Fourth of July parade in Coronado. But easily the most exciting event was Comic-Con!

Looking back, I see that my camera was super busy as I walked around downtown San Diego during Comic-Con week. I photographed colorful offsites, lots of cosplay, celebrities, even a bit of insanity!

For your enjoyment, I’ve collected some of my favorite blog posts from 2017 Comic-Con . . . plus a related event in Mission Valley featuring cosplay pets! Click the upcoming links to see LOTS of photos!

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Crunchyroll anime buses appear for Comic-Con!

Public transit buses in San Diego are being wrapped for 2022 Comic-Con. I spotted a cool one this morning!

The MTS buses promote Crunchyroll, a distributor, publisher or producer of many anime and manga titles, including Dragon Ball Super and My Hero Academia.

The character on the above bus is Crunchyroll-Hime, mascot of Crunchyroll.

I suspect there might be different designs to come, so I’ll provide updates should I spot any!

It’s feeling like Comic-Con in 2022 is going to be bigger and crazier than ever. Earlier this week I spotted the third Comic-Con trolley wrap. More and more cool stuff is appearing every day, with now only three weeks to go!


Next day, look what I saw! It appears that city bus route 992 to the Airport is receiving the wraps. Which makes sense!

This one promotes Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO. Check out the graphics. I had to increase the contrast on the second photo somewhat…

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Crossover Cosplaying on a Comic-Con trolley!

A new trolley wrap has appeared for 2022 Comic-Con! This one celebrates crossover cosplaying!

Over the years, I’ve seen all sorts of cool cosplay mash-ups, utilizing some of the most unexpected character combinations. I suppose that during Comic-Con this year, some of that crossover cosplay magic might be found while riding the San Diego Trolley!

This is another wrap promoting Amazon Prime Video. It appears they will have a major footprint at Comic-Con. Of course, their epic series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is highly anticipated by many, particularly lovers of Middle Earth and Tolkien’s class novels!

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Paper Girls appear on a Comic-Con trolley!

Here come the 2022 Comic-Con trolleys!

I spotted a new trolley wrap this morning. It promotes the upcoming Amazon Prime Video science fiction television series Paper Girls. The show is about four young paper girls who become involved in an epic adventure. They must save the world when they find themselves in a war among time-travelers!

As more Comic-Con trolley wraps appear, I’ll post photos!

Comic-Con is now about a month away, and more and more cool stuff should be appearing in San Diego. Stay tuned!


A couple days later I got more pics…

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La Mesa celebrates freedom at inaugural Juneteenth event!

Today was the start of something big in La Mesa. This afternoon the inaugural La Mesa Juneteenth celebration kicked off in MacArthur Park!

I arrived shortly after the free public event opened at noon. Lots of people were already walking about, exploring the many canopies dotting the grass. I saw artists with crafts, vendors, community organizations . . . and lots of smiles!

There were families everywhere enjoying the sunshine. Kids were playing in a fun zone and learning about the history of the very first Juneteenth, June 19, 1865, when enslaved African Americans in Texas finally heard of their freedom.

I missed some of the later entertainment. I’ll try to catch it next year.

Because I have no doubt next year’s La Mesa Juneteenth celebration will be even bigger and better!

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Balboa Park performer on So You Think You Can Dance!

Did you know a long-time street performer in Balboa Park has appeared on the popular television show So You Think You Can Dance?

If you’ve visited San Diego’s Balboa Park in the past few years, it’s quite likely you’ve seen Kareem “Anointed” Ali and his talented friends wowing huge crowds with their athletic dance routines, acrobatic leaps, physical contortions and fun bits of humor. All concluded with an inspirational message.

Well, a number of years ago, while speaking to Anointed Ali, I learned he’d appeared as a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance. I then found a YouTube video of his routine here.

The judges were absolutely amazed. You will be too!

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She-Hulk banners appear in Gaslamp for Comic-Con!

Comic-Con is a month away, and banners have already been hung in the Gaslamp Quarter for the big international pop culture event!

The street lamp banners promote upcoming television series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which will appear on Disney+. It will be the eighth television show based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The green superhero She-Hulk will be portrayed by actress Jennifer Walters. Other actors from the MCU will appear in the show, including Mark Ruffalo as Hulk, Benedict Wong as Wong from Doctor Strange, and Tim Roth as the gamma irradiated villain Abomination.

Very cool!

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Induction Dance at the San Diego Fringe Festival!

Would it be silly? Serious? Amateurish? Professional?

I really didn’t know what to expect when I purchased a ticket today for the Induction Dance performance during the 2022 San Diego Fringe Festival.

I took my seat inside the Centro Cultural de la Raza in Balboa Park and waited for the dance to begin. And what we got was a guy in a gorilla suit playing guitar! Then a clown on a tricycle!

Okay, I thought to myself. It’s the Fringe Festival. Only 10 bucks.

But then the performance changed dramatically.

And some good ballet dancing began. Really good!

I was blown away by the fluidity, sensuousness, and gorgeous moves by two dancers who obviously knew what they were doing!

Philip Amer, the Artistic Director of Induction Dance, danced with Saori Maeda. When each of several dances were completed, the audience applauded loudly. It was deserved.

Philip Amer hails from Escondido. Over the years he has performed with numerous ballet companies across the country. He also teaches dance.

Saori Maeda is 23 years old. She’s from Japan, now studying ballet and training in Southern California. Her moves were graceful and flawless. She is destined to be a star!

The performance today included several humorous skits that worked quite well, including a dance with a cloth dummy, and a mime-like ballerina trying to communicate words with particular movements.

Philip Amer stated his object is to make ballet entertaining and accessible for ordinary folk. I don’t know about the guitar playing gorilla and clown on a tricycle, but the rest of the act was original, witty, magical!

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ABC’s Abbott Elementary trolley debuts for Comic-Con!

A new trolley promoting ABC television’s mockumentary sitcom Abbott Elementary has debuted for 2022 Comic-Con!

The trolley has been wrapped to appear like a school bus, transporting the show’s main characters, who teach at Philadelphia’s Willard R. Abbott Elementary School.

This year the San Diego Trolley will be featuring 40 cars decorated for Comic-Con! The huge, international pop culture event will be held at the San Diego Convention Center and around downtown from July 21 to July 24.

(Are you excited? I am! My camera is ready!)

ABC’s Abbott Elementary has been renewed for a second hilarious season! You can also watch it on Hulu.

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