A lesson I have learned from blogging.

Never stop flying.
Never stop flying.

This coming Sunday, Cool San Diego Sights turns seven years old.

Seven years doing this? Unbelievable.

Starting a blog and watching it grow very, very slowly over many years has taught me an important lesson about life. Patience and perseverance might be the two most important keys to success.

While having fun and doing things that I love–walking and writing–I have spent literally thousands of hours working on Cool San Diego Sights. A good chunk of my life has been spent taking and selecting photos, cropping and adjusting them, doing research, being a detective, plotting out future blogs, making corrections, being obsessive/compulsive, providing updates, pulling out my hair (what’s left of it), periodically wondering if I should quit this sometimes tedious exercise…

And now, to my complete surprise, I find myself getting traffic from Google News, News Break, Chrome’s suggested articles, and a remarkable variety of major websites.

As a result of Cool San Diego Sights’ growing success, one of my other websites, Short Stories by Richard, is being visited by students from classrooms around the world. Most are reading my little story One Thousand Likes, which I’m told might be used in an upcoming twelfth grade textbook produced by one of the world’s most prestigious publishers.

Pinch me.

Is this real?

To think this thing started on a whim. I’ve always walked. I had an unused little camera. I created a simple, easy WordPress blog. I figured I’d post a photo and a few words once in a while.

So if you’re a blogger or writer out there in a ridiculously enormous world that contains billions of web pages, and you’ve begun to wonder if it’s really worth the effort–keep at it! Don’t give up! Do your best! Stay passionate! Write well, be truthful, be original, be creative, be smart, be curious, understand and appeal to your readers’ humanity, and remember to always maintain your sense of humor!

And never lose hope! Because you never know!

Over 15,000 cool photographs of San Diego!

Looking at the iconic Old Point Loma Lighthouse and small museum beside it.

Cool San Diego Sights now features over 15,000 photographs! Would you like to share or use any of them?

This blog makes no money. Its purpose is simply to enjoy life. With it I try to more closely observe this wonderful world, learn a bit about the people I meet and the city where I live, spread a little joy, and perhaps help others who are striving to improve the community.

This blog has many visitors. From time to time I receive inquiries about using my photos. Please feel free to share any of my images. All I ask is that you provide credit to coolsandiegosights.com and, when possible, provide a link to my website.

While my modest photographs might not be of the highest technical quality, over the past four years I’ve managed to capture a good slice of San Diego. To find photos of a particular place or thing or event, simply use the search box on my blog’s sidebar. Or if you’re an experienced user of Google Search, you can utilize that method, too.

Finally, thank you for swinging by Cool San Diego Sights. And thank you to my many friendly followers. I’m just an ordinary guy who walks through the city a bit randomly, exploring life. Some of you I know personally; many others visit from all around this great big amazing world.

I have a lot of fun blogging, and I hope you all are having fun, too!


Questions writers can ask to develop new ideas.


I wrote another article for Mostly Blogging! In it I ask a number of questions designed to help creative people brainstorm. I titled the guest post: Brainstorm fresh, new ideas for your blog!

You’re not a blogger? My article might help anyway! It’s all about digging into any subject matter more deeply, discovering new angles. Writers who have struggled to develop new ideas might find my article helpful!

Check it out by clicking here!

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