A surprising encounter with Santa Claus.

Last year I published an original short story called An Encounter With Santa Claus. This isn’t the jolly Santa Claus we usually see.

The story has a touching ending.

If you are curious and would like to read a short work of fiction that concerns human compassion, click here.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus is on his way to San Diego!

I see the holidays are being celebrated at San Diego's festive Old Town Model Railroad Depot.
I see the holidays are being celebrated at San Diego’s festive Old Town Model Railroad Depot.

I just checked the Official NORAD Santa Tracker and I see that Santa Claus and his flying reindeer are presently distributing presents to everyone on the good list in Amsterdam. According to that website he has already delivered over 3.5 billion gifts. Santa must use one of those magic Harry Potter bags!

I’m so excited!

Santa Claus should be arriving in San Diego, California very soon now!

Look! It's Santa! He has arrived in Old Town San Diego already! He must have hitched his flying reindeer to this old wagon instead of a sleigh!
Look! It’s Santa! He has arrived in Old Town San Diego already! He must have hitched his flying reindeer to this old wagon instead of a sleigh!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everybody!

And Happy New Year, too!

Lots of fun and surprising blogs coming up!

Take care and keep on smiling!


A grateful writer’s Thank You.

I must be dreaming. This can’t be possible!

I have a website called Short Stories by Richard, where I publish my small works of fiction.

Like most bloggers I monitor my stats on a daily basis.

In the past year increasing numbers of students in at least three countries–Denmark, Sweden and the United States–have read short stories that flowed from my fingertips. Readers have arrived in spurts from a variety of curriculum and school websites, including regional sites, Google Classroom and Instructure.com.

Hundreds of students have been reading One Thousand Likes. In the past week, out of the blue, students have begun to read The Firefly.

I really don’t know what to say, except Hello to All Readers and Thank You!

I’ve mentioned in the past that I intend to spend more time writing, and that is now what I firmly resolve to do. If my blogging begins to lag, it’s because I’m sitting somewhere outside in the warm San Diego sunshine, my pen and notepad on my lap and my eyes lost in a dream.

Or is this a dream?


How to help homeless youth this Christmas!

Donations and care bags are being gathered for homeless youth this Christmas at the SDSU Downtown Gallery and the downtown Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.
Donations are being gathered for homeless youth this Christmas at the SDSU Downtown Gallery, and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

If you’d like to help homeless youth in San Diego this Christmas, donations of helpful items are being accepted by the SDSU Downtown Gallery, and the downtown location of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. School supplies, youth clothing and hygiene items would be very helpful.

Donations are welcome at both museums through December 20, 2018.

You can also join compassionate teens and big-hearted members of the community as care bags for homeless youth are hand assembled on December 20th from 5:00 – 7:30 pm.

Enlarge the above flyer for easy reading by clicking my photo. Feel free to share the flyer on social media.

You can also learn more details at the MCASD website by clicking here!

Are you a blogger? Do you want to help make the world a better place? You might want to join Bloggers Lifting Others Generously.

A story about Christmas, wisdom and old age.

I’ve published a new Christmas story. It’s about our busy lives and the passage of time.

It’s titled A Wise Man.

Please forgive me if I make changes to this tiny work of fiction as I reread it in the days, weeks and months to come. A writer’s thoughts and feelings can evolve over time.

To read the story, click here.

An abundance of life in Balboa Park.

What an amazing day.

This afternoon I headed to the Veterans Museum at Balboa Park to enjoy San Diego Opera’s preview of their upcoming production All Is Calm: the Christmas Truce of 1914. The deep humanity of the music raised goosebumps. I’ll be blogging about that shortly.

I then rode the tram into the heart of Balboa Park, with no particular destination in mind. In the hour of remaining daylight I snapped random photographs of whatever happened to grab my fancy.

When I got home, I was struck by how the photos contain a joyful abundance of life.

Balboa Park is always so alive.

Do you love Balboa Park? Check out my other website Beautiful Balboa Park!

Californian returns to magical light.

As I stood at the edge of San Diego Bay late Sunday afternoon, Californian returned across the water to its home at the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

Californian, official tall ship of the State of California, floated into a world of magical light.

Yesterday I had a chance to go aboard Polynesian canoe Hikianalia, which was offering tours to the public over the weekend. The traditional voyaging canoe will conclude its environmentally themed ocean journey and return to Hawaii later this month.

I added lots of cool photos with an update to my original post here!

It’s hard to believe this silly blog has now surpassed 3000 followers. Thank you for coming along on my walks!

Where to next?

Who knows?