A beating heart, and neighboring stars.

I’ve written another short story. It’s titled A Heart That Would Not End.

This new story was inspired by my friend Mitchell the didgeridoo player.

Mitchell’s smile can be seen all around San Diego. Perhaps you’ve seen him playing one of his didgeridoos at Seaport Village or Balboa Park, or entertaining visitors inside the San Diego Zoo or Safari Park.

Not only does his music surge like the beating heart of the cosmos, but Mitchell has a deep interest in astronomy and our particular corner of the galaxy. He has created a unique Stellarium: a large three dimensional transparent cube filled with shining stars that represents our sun’s neighborhood. He has shown me photographs.

One day I hope to look into the Stellarium with my own eyes.

To read my new story, click here.

A grateful writer’s Thank You.

I must be dreaming. This can’t be possible!

I have a website called Short Stories by Richard, where I publish my small works of fiction.

Like most bloggers I monitor my stats on a daily basis.

In the past year increasing numbers of students in at least three countries–Denmark, Sweden and the United States–have read short stories that flowed from my fingertips. Readers have arrived in spurts from a variety of curriculum and school websites, including regional sites, Google Classroom and Instructure.com.

Hundreds of students have been reading One Thousand Likes. In the past week, out of the blue, students have begun to read The Firefly.

I really don’t know what to say, except Hello to All Readers and Thank You!

I’ve mentioned in the past that I intend to spend more time writing, and that is now what I firmly resolve to do. If my blogging begins to lag, it’s because I’m sitting somewhere outside in the warm San Diego sunshine, my pen and notepad on my lap and my eyes lost in a dream.

Or is this a dream?


A story about Christmas, wisdom and old age.

I’ve published a new Christmas story. It’s about our busy lives and the passage of time.

It’s titled A Wise Man.

Please forgive me if I make changes to this tiny work of fiction as I reread it in the days, weeks and months to come. A writer’s thoughts and feelings can evolve over time.

To read the story, click here.

A small bird, and humor’s saving grace.

This morning I published another short story. This one is titled The Station Sparrow.

The humorous little tale was inspired by my own life experience.

I often see birds inside the enormous passenger waiting room of Santa Fe Depot, the train station in downtown San Diego. Feathered infiltrators come through the wide open doors and walk about the floor pecking at crumbs.

That got me to thinking. And imagining. And laughing.

The Station Sparrow¬†is mostly about life, and humor’s saving grace. Click the link to read it.

I hope it makes you laugh, too.

A thank you, and a note to my readers!

Almost October. Another year is flying by.

In the daily hustle and bustle, one can forget important things.

I’d like to thank you all, the readers of Cool San Diego Sights.

Thank you for following along during my walks around San Diego. We’ve peered into unexplored corners, lingered in the sunshine. We’ve had a laugh or two. We’ve experienced a good deal of wonder in a beautiful city.

Thank you for your comments and your sharing.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately–about the best way to spend my weekends and free time before and after work.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve become more inclined to sit in a tranquil place and simply write. Deep down that’s what I really love. So I’ve decided from this point forward I will concentrate more on writing fiction, less on photoblogging.

I’ll still walk, of course–and if I happen to spy something cool or interesting, I’ll post photos right here on Cool San Diego Sights, or my companion blog Beautiful Balboa Park. But once I find that perfect seat, my old camera will be set to one side as I pick up notebook and pen.

Some of those scribbled words will eventually make it to my website Short Stories by Richard. That’s where small philosophical works of fiction await curious readers.

My camera might be idle for hours as I brainstorm, dream and write, but my feet are still restless! I’m sure more photos will appear in the days ahead. Many corners await exploration!

Ahead into the future!


That moment you see inexplicable magic.

There are moments when this world seems suddenly, inexplicably transformed.

New light.

New perception.

New understanding.

A short story came to me yesterday while I sat in Balboa Park across from a splashing fountain. My eyes were resting on the broad scene.

So many people, engaged in every sort of activity. So much humanity. And at the center of it all, that everlasting fountain.

Shimmering and shining like magic.

I took out my pen and wrote down a few inspired words.

They might form a short story, or they might form a poem–I’ll let you decide. Read it here.

A short story about regret and redemption.

I wrote another short story. This one is titled The Firefly.

It’s about regret and redemption.

And hopelessness and release.

And hurt and freedom.

If you’d like to read this small work of fiction, click here.