A short story about a Theory of Everything.

Perhaps the greatest, most difficult quest of our intelligent species is for a simple Theory of Everything. Everything–the entire cosmos–explained: easily, elegantly.

I just finished writing a short story concerning this. I’ve titled it The Perfect Snowflake. You can follow the link if you’d like to read it.

My writing blog Short Stories by Richard is the home to many small works of provocative fiction.

You’re invited to enter that universe.

Over 15,000 cool photographs of San Diego!

Looking at the iconic Old Point Loma Lighthouse and small museum beside it.

Cool San Diego Sights now features over 15,000 photographs! Would you like to share or use any of them?

This blog makes no money. Its purpose is simply to enjoy life. With it I try to more closely observe this wonderful world, learn a bit about the people I meet and the city where I live, spread a little joy, and perhaps help others who are striving to improve the community.

This blog has many visitors. From time to time I receive inquiries about using my photos. Please feel free to share anything you happen to find on my website. All I ask is that you provide credit to coolsandiegosights.com and, when possible, provide a link to my website.

While my modest photographs might not be of the highest technical quality, over the past four years I’ve managed to capture a good slice of San Diego. To find photos of a particular place or thing or event, simply use the search box on my blog’s sidebar. Or if you’re an experienced user of Google Search, you can utilize that method, too.

Finally, thank you for swinging by Cool San Diego Sights. And thank you to my many friendly followers. I’m just an ordinary guy who walks through the city a bit randomly, exploring life. Some of you I know personally; many others visit from all around this great big amazing world.

I have a lot of fun blogging, and I hope you all are having fun, too!


Three dystopian short stories.

Perhaps you’ve noticed I love to write fiction. I love to combine words. Words are tools that can dig toward truth.

I’ve recently written three short stories that are absolutely dystopian. Not that I’m a pessimist. I prefer to smile and generally try to find and highlight good things in life. But I also strive to be intellectually honest. I recognize that the human world contains both light and darkness. And some of my stories can be quite dark.

These three dystopian stories are: Life Made Easier, A Ship Without Ghosts, and What the Giant Saw. Click the links if you’d like to read them.

It’s funny–the latter and most recent story was written yesterday as I sat beside the small river in Balboa Park’s beautiful Japanese Friendship Garden. Looking down at the living water, I felt strangely like a giant. Perhaps my stream of thought emerged from that feeling.

All of my modest works of fiction can be found at my website Short Stories by Richard.

15 Unique Volunteering Opportunities in San Diego.

As a member of Bloggers Lifting Others Generously, I sometimes blog about those who are working to make San Diego a better place.

Here are 15 different community organizations that could use volunteers. Many of them welcome volunteers with no specific background or experience.

Click the following links to past blog posts where you can learn more:

Volunteers needed at San Diego Habitat for Humanity!

There are many different volunteer opportunities–it’s more than just building houses. No experience required!

How to get support from fellow Veterans in San Diego.

This local organization is looking for compassionate Veteran mentors who would like help others.

Guide dogs for the blind in San Diego!

If you’d like to raise a guide dog, here’s a great opportunity!

How you might save the life of a cancer patient!

Join the bone marrow registry, or donate your baby’s cord blood.

How to help special education kids in San Diego!

This school that helps special kids could always use special volunteers!

Photos from Ocean Beach Pier Cleanup Day!

Participate in a San Diego beach cleanup! It’s a lot of fun!

A San Diego gift that will last forever.

The Friends of Balboa Park needs all sorts of different volunteers! Follow the link to their website where you can learn much more.

How to help keep the San Diego River healthy.

The San Diego River Park Foundation has many different volunteering opportunities, including river cleanups.

Volunteer to help restore San Diego wetlands!

Offer your helping hand to the San Diego Audubon Society’s worthy projects!

Free books for teachers, schools, hospitals and prisons.

Volunteer for an organization whose goal is to promote literacy.

The Salvation Army celebrates service in San Diego.

Everyone has heard of the Salvation Army. Why not volunteer?

How you can help beat leukemia and blood cancers!

Create a fundraiser. Help save lives!

San Diego Marines collect Toys for Tots!

Have your San Diego business become a drop-off location for toys!

Foster homes needed for loving San Diego cats!

Open your heart and home to a rescue animal!

Glean Queens of San Diego need your help!

Pick fruit and help distribute food that would otherwise go wasted.

If you’d like to help homeless people in San Diego get back on their feet, I’ve compiled 20 Ways to Help the Homeless in San Diego. Check it out!

Have a great day!


A happy story about youth and gratitude.

I believe I finally got it right. My latest short story. For a while it seemed wrong, incomplete.

Returning the Ball is a happy story about youth, optimism and gratitude.

This quick read is likely to make you smile. Perhaps even wipe a tear. Click the above link to read it.

Need something to read this Labor Day? I’ve gradually built a collection of short stories (and a poem) at my blog Short Stories by Richard. These small works of fiction are ideal for a beach read. Or half an hour by the pool.

Enjoy your day and thank you for supporting Cool San Diego Sights! I plan to head up to Balboa Park! What will I discover today? I don’t know!


Beautiful bougainvillea in Mission Valley.

I took these four photographs of bougainvillea several days ago while walking near the Hazard Center trolley station in Mission Valley. The sun had broken through the morning clouds and was shining on clusters of beautiful red bracts and white flowers. Upon examining these images, I noticed I’d captured some tiny insects!

I live in downtown San Diego and love to walk around with my camera! You can follow Cool San Diego Sights via Facebook or Twitter!

Do you enjoy beautiful things? Visit my other photography blog which I call A Small World Full of Beauty.

Seeds in your mind: More short works of fiction.

Can you believe it? My writing blog Short Stories by Richard now contains 23 short stories and a poem!

My works of fiction (and poem) operate like small seeds in your fertile mind. Plant one or two–and see what might grow.

Are you curious? Simply click the following links to read my most recent stories:

A Short Bloom offers the wisdom of one gardener.

Writing Infinity is a poem about capturing perfect truth.

Walking on Light is a strange, magical story about an uplifting kind of light.

Beth’s Window contains flowers that will always regrow.

A Bottle of Polish is a tragic story about one person’s secret shine.

How to Catch a Crab is about mystery, danger and a boy’s desire.

Elvis and the Time Machine proves that anyone can time travel.

Thank you for visiting my blog!