Over 15,000 cool photographs of San Diego!

Looking at the iconic Old Point Loma Lighthouse and small museum beside it.

Cool San Diego Sights now features over 15,000 photographs! Would you like to share or use any of them?

This blog makes no money. Its purpose is simply to enjoy life. With it I try to more closely observe this wonderful world, learn a bit about the people I meet and the city where I live, spread a little joy, and perhaps help others who are striving to improve the community.

This blog has many visitors. From time to time I receive inquiries about using my photos. Please feel free to share any of my images. All I ask is that you provide credit to coolsandiegosights.com and, when possible, provide a link to my website.

While my modest photographs might not be of the highest technical quality, over the past four years I’ve managed to capture a good slice of San Diego. To find photos of a particular place or thing or event, simply use the search box on my blog’s sidebar. Or if you’re an experienced user of Google Search, you can utilize that method, too.

Finally, thank you for swinging by Cool San Diego Sights. And thank you to my many friendly followers. I’m just an ordinary guy who walks through the city a bit randomly, exploring life. Some of you I know personally; many others visit from all around this great big amazing world.

I have a lot of fun blogging, and I hope you all are having fun, too!


Published by

Richard Schulte

Downtown San Diego has been my home for many years. My online activities reflect my love for writing, blogging, walking and photography.

7 thoughts on “Over 15,000 cool photographs of San Diego!”

  1. Independent authors are constantly seeking professional quality artwork for covers and illustrations. Granted, many of them need pictures of dragons, vampires, or advanced weaponry, and your work is unlikely to help those people, but a professional artist is likely to charge $500+ for a cover, for a book that may not earn that in total. This could be a godsend to many, including myself (Stingaree, remember?). With your permission, I’d like to share this incredibly generous offer with my fellow indies. Let me know what you decide.

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    1. Sure! My blog’s photos aren’t super high quality, but any author is welcome to use them, provided credit is given! Some of the photos might prove uniquely interesting, like those of tall ships out on the bay, for example. One should keep in mind all of my photos are of an editorial nature and primarily taken in public. I make it a habit to ask permission if I’m taking photos in a private location. (Nowadays, with the prevalence of cell phones and social media, most people don’t seem to mind.) If one intends to use any of my photographs for commercial purposes, please avoid photos that contain identifiable people, or images of copyrighted creations. Generally speaking, I believe most photos of landscapes and public outdoor scenes should be fine. I’m no legal expert, but I do know as a human being one should be considerate of others.


      1. My most sincere thanks to you. You have rendered a number of small authors viable at a stroke! I’ll share this in a couple of groups today, and I’ll be sure to include your reply as a caveat. You’re the best!

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