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I’ve made a couple of cool changes to my website! Now it’s easy to enjoy Cool San Diego Sights (plus my other blog Beautiful Balboa Park) in dozens of languages!

If you’re viewing this page on a computer screen or large tablet, you will see a Google Translate button near the top of the sidebar, on the left side of your screen. Select your preferred language and everything on the website will be instantly translated!

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What else is new?

I’ve added buttons to my sidebar which make it easy to follow Cool San Diego Sights on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr! I only update my Pinterest and Tumblr pages every few months, but if you’re on those social media platforms, you might want to check it out!

As always, please feel free to share anything you happen to find on any of my blogs. It’s all for fun!

By the way, I just finished writing a new short story for my Short Stories by Richard blog. It’s called The Silver of Ice. It’s based a bit on my own personal experience, when I lived on the high plains many years ago.

I’m going to Balboa Park in a few minutes to check out something that should be really cool. I’ll post photos when I get home!

Have a great Sunday!


Give Love event adds kindness to San Diego!

Be encouraging. Smile. Give hugs.
Be encouraging. Smile. Give hugs.

A group called Give Love New York is in San Diego this weekend during 2017 Maker Faire. You can find them near the Old Globe in Balboa Park, passing out carnations and inviting passersby to dance and converse and smile and sing and play games and write messages containing kindness, positivity and wisdom!

This unique Give Love project is the brainchild of Alive Worldwide. Their mission is to use creativity to encourage and spread human compassion.

Very cool! Events such as this could be held in every corner of the world! It’s very easily done. Why not?

Two smiles and free carnations from Give Love San Diego, at 2017 Maker Faire in Balboa Park!
Two smiles and free carnations from Give Love San Diego, at 2017 Maker Faire in Balboa Park!
With the help of the Old Globe Theatre, spreading kindness worldwide @givelovenewyork
With the help of the Old Globe Theatre, spreading kindness worldwide @givelovenewyork
Giving words of wisdom. Share your thoughts on a written note, then come back later and retrieve new wisdom to take home.
Giving words of wisdom. Share your thoughts on a written note, then come back later and retrieve new wisdom to take home.
Try it!
Try it!
Challenge yourself daily.
Challenge yourself daily.
Freedom is found by sacrifice. Question the unknown.
Freedom is found by sacrifice. Question the unknown.
Love hard. Love strong. Love always.
Love hard. Love strong. Love always.
Give Love San Diego!
Be open. Treat others with understanding. Give Love San Diego!

Are you a blogger? Do you want to help make the world a better place? You might want to join Bloggers Lifting Others Generously.

Over 15,000 cool photographs of San Diego!

Looking at the iconic Old Point Loma Lighthouse and small museum beside it.

Cool San Diego Sights now features over 15,000 photographs! Would you like to share or use any of them?

This blog makes no money. Its purpose is simply to enjoy life. With it I try to more closely observe this wonderful world, learn a bit about the people I meet and the city where I live, spread a little joy, and perhaps help others who are striving to improve the community.

This blog has many visitors. From time to time I receive inquiries about using my photos. Please feel free to share anything you happen to find on my website. All I ask is that you provide credit to and, when possible, provide a link to my website.

While my modest photographs might not be of the highest technical quality, over the past four years I’ve managed to capture a good slice of San Diego. To find photos of a particular place or thing or event, simply use the search box on my blog’s sidebar. Or if you’re an experienced user of Google Search, you can utilize that method, too.

Finally, thank you for swinging by Cool San Diego Sights. And thank you to my many friendly followers. I’m just an ordinary guy who walks through the city a bit randomly, exploring life. Some of you I know personally; many others visit from all around this great big amazing world.

I have a lot of fun blogging, and I hope you all are having fun, too!


Cool San Diego Sights on Pinterest and Tumblr.

Rainwater has collected in this beautiful flower.

Are you active on Pinterest or Tumblr? If you’d like to see hundreds of my favorite photos on one easy-to-view page, please check out my Tumblr archive. Or visit my special Pinterest page. I update these collections of cool San Diego images every so often. Feel free to reblog or pin anything you like!  It’s all for fun!

Another storm today. Enough outdoor drenchings for me. A good day to watch football and reorganize shelves. And maybe order a large pizza. And watch a DVD. And maybe sort through more photos!

Thanks for swinging on by and take care!


Cool San Diego stuff to pin on Pinterest!


I’d like to welcome fans of Pinterest to Cool San Diego Sights! My blog has literally thousands of photos that can be easily pinned. What interests you? There’s a good chance it’s on my website!

A good way to find stuff that interests you is to perform a search of Cool San Diego Sights. Look for the search box in my website’s sidebar.

You can also click a tag. The many tags on my blog include street art, trains, tall ships, Balboa Park, archaeology, technology, nature, cosplaySanta Claus, surfing, food, crafts, flowers, dogs, inspiration . . . and that’s just scratching the surface! At the bottom of every blog post you’ll find pertinent clickable tags.

Please feel free to share anything you’d like. My website is all about having fun and enjoying life! That’s why I walk and take all these photos. Welcome!

This blog now features thousands of photos around San Diego!  Are you curious?  There’s lots of cool stuff to check out!

Here’s the Cool San Diego Sights main page, where you can read the most current blog posts.  If you’re using a small mobile device, click those three parallel lines up at the top–that opens up my website’s sidebar, where you’ll see the most popular posts, a search box, and more!

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Three achievements that have touched many people.


I haven’t walked or blogged much in the past few weeks. I’m a bit under the weather. I’ll try to get out on Sunday to find something interesting!

I’ve been thinking differently about Cool San Diego Sights lately. So many hours have been spent–mostly pleasurable ones–in building my blog. But what does all this effort amount to? I enjoy walking and making cool discoveries. It feels good to preserve and share those discoveries. And to spread some sunshine. Happiness in this troubled old world is a good thing.

I enjoy the interaction with other bloggers and people on social media, even if I only sit at my computer for a short while each day.

I enjoy the occasional surprises, such as being contacted by artists and others whose work I’ve documented. That is really amazing!

I’ve also been fortunate in rare instances to do some significant good, or touch people in a way that can make a real difference. There are three achievements in particular that I thought might be worth sharing again.

The first was helping in a small way to uncover an important part of San Diego and United States Navy history. The Navy Bicentennial Commemorative Plaque is on public display on the Greatest Generation Walk, a few steps from the USS Midway Museum, and it is passed by thousands of people every day. But it seemed all knowledge of its origin had been lost. I merely posted a plea: help solve a mystery! And, mysteriously, thanks to the magic of the internet–and perhaps word of mouth–over time information trickled in. Finally I was sent several amazing old photographs of the plaque’s creators and its forging, and a typewritten article revealing the details of its origin. I titled that post Creating a plaque: Navy history in San Diego revealed!

A second achievement, the one that probably makes the biggest difference in the lives of people, was a post I wrote about how to help the homeless in San Diego. I am absolutely astonished at how almost every single day, people coming to my blog click the links to the charities and organizations that strive to assist the homeless. There have been hundreds of clicks. I seldom ask my readers to share anything on my blog, but if you are so inclined, I titled that post 20 Ways To Help the Homeless in San Diego.

And finally, I wrote a short story that seems to have touched many deeply. It has even gone a bit viral in surprising places all around the world. It’s about how to change the world. I titled that post A short story to make you smile and cry. Realizing short stories don’t really fit on a photo blog about San Diego, I created another blog for my short works of fiction. If you like to read, perhaps click Short Stories by Richard.

Thank you all for following Cool San Diego Sights. This blogging thing is a strange, mysterious undertaking. Hundreds of visitors each day, from everywhere around the planet, most coming from search engines, and I have no idea who those people are. The whole experience has changed my life in far too many ways to mention.  For the better!  When I first started the blog, I had no notion that I would arrive here.

Well, hopefully on to more adventures! Have a great rest of the weekend!

Help Balboa Park win funds with a simple online vote!

Kids play by fountain in San Diego's crown jewel, Balboa Park, one of the world's great cultural treasures.
Kids play by fountain in San Diego’s crown jewel, Balboa Park, one of the world’s great cultural treasures.

Hey you guys! Please, please, please–can you all do a super easy favor? You know how awesome Balboa Park is? One of our local casinos (Harrah’s) is giving away $100,000 to non-profit organizations that make our community a better place. The Friends of Balboa Park–the organization that oversees the park’s improvements, coordinates volunteers, supports educational programs and historical preservation and other vital projects–needs our online votes!

All you have to do is visit this webpage, then scroll down to Friends of Balboa Park and cast a vote using your email! I just did it a couple minutes ago! I don’t know if Harrah’s will email you stuff, but under the law there should be a one click unsubscribe option should that happen. That’s all you gotta do! It would be really, really awesome to help out Balboa Park, which provides joy to millions of people!

Many of you know that Balboa Park needs additional funds very badly.  So please share this info with other people who have a soft spot for Balboa Park! Let’s get his ball rolling. Let’s try to get thousands of votes!

Thank you everybody!