Birds gather election ballots on a city wall!

On Saturday morning I walked through downtown San Diego’s East Village.

As I headed along Market Street and approached Tenth Avenue, I noticed something interesting on a wall next to the Grocery Outlet parking lot. I had discovered a flock of birds gathering ballots!

The graphic pasted to the wall, which promotes voting in the upcoming general election, was created by Ramzy Masri, a New York based graphic designer, photographer and artist. Click the photograph below and you can more easily read what is written. In a nutshell, the mural is “part of a series inspired by the idea that ‘voting is voice.’ It’s one of five designs for fifty murals currently on view in ten cities across the country…”

The mural is sponsored by the non-partisan Voting Information Center on Facebook, which is found here.

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How you can help USO San Diego fight hunger!

The USO is collecting food at Grocery Outlet Bargain Markets around San Diego. Buy a five dollar bag of food for a hungry neighbor, receive a five dollar coupon for the store!
The USO is collecting food at Grocery Outlet Bargain Markets around San Diego. Buy a five dollar bag of food for those who are hungry, receive a five dollar coupon from the store!

Before I post more photos of Comic-Con, let me alert my local readers to a great opportunity to help others. I just discovered an easy and essentially free way to help fight hunger in San Diego!

Walking back home from Comic-Con, I realized I needed groceries, so I swung by the downtown Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. As I stepped inside, I was greeted by two friendly volunteers from the USO. They’re working to fight hunger in San Diego!

I learned that during the month of July, shoppers who purchase a $5 bag of food from their table to help feed the hungry receive a $5 coupon from the store!

Kudos to the USO and their efforts. Kudos to Grocery Outlet Bargain Market for their generosity!

I also learned the USO collects food twice a month from a mobile food pantry in partnership with Feeding San Diego. Check out the USO San Diego Facebook page for times and locations!

USO San Diego collects food twice a month in partnership with Feeding San Diego. Check the USO Facebook page for their Mobile Food Pantry locations!
USO San Diego collects food twice a month in partnership with Feeding San Diego. Check the USO Facebook page for their Mobile Food Pantry locations!

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Cool San Diego Sights in many languages!

I’ve made a couple of cool changes to my website! Now it’s easy to enjoy Cool San Diego Sights (plus my other blog Beautiful Balboa Park) in dozens of languages!

If you’re viewing this page on a computer screen or large tablet, you will see a Google Translate button near the top of the sidebar, on the left side of your screen. Select your preferred language and everything on the website will be instantly translated!

If you’re using a smaller device, like a smartphone, click those three parallel lines up at the top of this page and the sidebar will open up. Google Translate should be the first thing you see.

What else is new?

I’ve added buttons to my sidebar which make it easy to follow Cool San Diego Sights on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr! I only update my Pinterest and Tumblr pages every few months, but if you’re on those social media platforms, you might want to check it out!

As always, please feel free to share anything you happen to find on any of my blogs. It’s all for fun!

By the way, I just finished writing a new short story for my Short Stories by Richard blog. It’s called The Silver of Ice. It’s based a bit on my own personal experience, when I lived on the high plains many years ago.

I’m going to Balboa Park in a few minutes to check out something that should be really cool. I’ll post photos when I get home!

Have a great Sunday!


Help Balboa Park win funds with a simple online vote!

Kids play by fountain in San Diego's crown jewel, Balboa Park, one of the world's great cultural treasures.
Kids play by fountain in San Diego’s crown jewel, Balboa Park, one of the world’s great cultural treasures.

Hey you guys! Please, please, please–can you all do a super easy favor? You know how awesome Balboa Park is? One of our local casinos (Harrah’s) is giving away $100,000 to non-profit organizations that make our community a better place. The Friends of Balboa Park–the organization that oversees the park’s improvements, coordinates volunteers, supports educational programs and historical preservation and other vital projects–needs our online votes!

All you have to do is visit this webpage, then scroll down to Friends of Balboa Park and cast a vote using your email! I just did it a couple minutes ago! I don’t know if Harrah’s will email you stuff, but under the law there should be a one click unsubscribe option should that happen. That’s all you gotta do! It would be really, really awesome to help out Balboa Park, which provides joy to millions of people!

Many of you know that Balboa Park needs additional funds very badly.  So please share this info with other people who have a soft spot for Balboa Park! Let’s get his ball rolling. Let’s try to get thousands of votes!

Thank you everybody!


Spreading cheer and good deeds in San Diego.

Birds take flight above palm trees in downtown San Diego.
Birds take flight above palm trees in downtown San Diego.

The astonishing success of this modest blog is hard to believe. Thank you.

This blog’s purpose is simple. It is to enjoy San Diego, to spread a little sunshine, and to help people who are doing good deeds or undertaking worthy causes.

Here are a few charities and positive organizations that would be grateful for your assistance.

Please click to learn more:

Please help Stuff the Bus to fight hunger!

Foster homes needed for loving San Diego cats!

Free books for teachers, schools, hospitals and prisons.

Ocean Beach Public Library needs activism and help!

Big red shoes help families heal in San Diego!

San Diego walking superheroes fight brain tumors!

The Salvation Army celebrates service in San Diego.

Spreckels Organ raises funds for Operation Rebound.

Cool Corvette car show benefits San Diego USO.

Art made of coins helps Rady Children’s Hospital!

Glean Queens of San Diego need your help!

Help Westview High School Music Outreach succeed!

Fill the Boot in San Diego to help burn victims!

San Diego breast cancer walkers: the final mile!

Wasted grocery food turns to art in Balboa Park.

20 Ways To Help the Homeless in San Diego.

Kids’ NewsDay benefits Rady Children’s Hospital!

Photos of cool pancake fundraiser on the OB Pier!

Photos of Coastal Cleanup Day in Ocean Beach!

Habitat for Humanity builds a house downtown!

San Diegans donate used textiles for charity.

Here are a few more thoughts about why I blog:

Writing a blog opens up an amazing world.

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