A castle appears, Batman arrives, and more!

Look at this! Even more cool stuff is appearing in downtown San Diego on the Sunday before 2022 Comic-Con!

A castle has materialized, Batman has arrived (in two places that I saw), and a couple of Comic-Con offsite activations have begun construction. I spied something awesome going past on a forklift and a mysterious something you might help me identify!

Workers getting everything ready have three more days. And the big Petco Park Interactive Zone is still a parking lot full of cars. Better get busy!

Some signs for the Comic-Con Shuttle Bus Stops are out on sidewalks already.

A unique Batmobile has arrived! I saw this cool vehicle by the Hard Rock Hotel. I was told it belongs to a perennial Batman cosplayer!

The NBCU Corner by the Tin Fish is just beginning to set up. I was told the inside of the Tin Fish restaurant will be modified for Comic-Con.

Padres fans chill out at Gaslamp trolley station as Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty pass by.

The very cool Severance wrap on the Hard Rock Hotel seems to be finished.

The Krapopolis wrap on the Omni is nearly done.

The Shrek dragon Elizabeth is romping across the Starbucks window at the Hilton Bayside.

Okay, guys. I told you I’d include your photo. Having too much fun by a creepy forest, which has been installed at the FX activation near the Hilton.

A gloomy gray, creepy look at the American Horror Stories wrap in progress. It was overcast in the mid-afternoon.

Woohoo! Crates full of Bandai props have arrived behind the Marriott near the marina. Dragon Ball is coming!

Multiple crates indicate Statue of Great Ape Vegeta. Must be huge. Maybe it’s mislabeled, and it’s actually Grape Ape…

Look what I spotted on multiple forklifts passing by on the bayfront walkway. It looks like some Comic-Con swag bags will feature a Jim Lee design. (Possibly more than one!)

Marriott Welcomes Comic-Con 2022.

Look at what’s being attached to the Manchester Grand Hyatt’s parking garage! Batman on a big banner!

Batman, Robin and Batgirl are coming this Fall to Cartoonito on HBO Max.

Workers are still getting the Super Slide ready at the FOX Krapopolis offsite. Kids across the street at The New Childrens Museum were gazing at the slide dreamily.

The Gray Man offsite for Comic-Con is coming along rapidly.

I suppose we’ll be walking through there.

They were testing the big video screen.

The Audible sand sculptures are materializing slowly. They’re really cool.

A creepy sand skull!

On the Hilton Gaslamp we’re informed that Beavis and Butt-Head are the heroes that we deserve. Thanks a lot.

Woah! The House of the Dragon offsite will be a big castle! What lurks inside? A dragon? It must have very large and tough claws.

Star Trek’s 10 Forward is now located at 100 North Forward Avenue, by the Happy Does smiley.

Do those doors slide open with a quick swoosh?

A prop on the sidewalk outside the Star Trek: Picard offsite activation, now being built. Does this futuristic contraption mix matter and antimatter? Or strong drinks?

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A dragon, a giant, Martian canals and a mummy.

I love this dragon street art. I had to add contrast to many of these photos, because much of the artwork has been faded by time and weather.

Do you daydream?

I suppose we all do.

What do you dream about?

I dreamed up a short story.

It’s titled The Weed.

It’s a fairy tale, and it isn’t.

It’s about life, growth, and forgetting.

The abrupt climax is sad, and perhaps not unexpected.

If you have an active imagination and a philosophical view of life, you might enjoy reading it here.

Have a great Sunday!


Draco the dragon arrives in Balboa Park!

My friend Mitchell Walker, who plays the didgeridoo in San Diego’s beautiful Balboa Park, has an amazing new instrument!

A didgeridoo named Draco!

Draco means dragon–and this musical dragon can be made to stick its tongue out at passersby! Kids love it!

The dragon perched atop Mitchell’s new didgeridoo is made of molded resin. It was created by award-winning Southern California artist Kitty Cantrell. See her website here!

I live in downtown San Diego and love to walk around with my camera! You can follow Cool San Diego Sights via Facebook or Twitter!

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