When all seems lost and life feels hopeless.

Sheila's Perfume
One of countless flowers.

When all seems lost and life feels hopeless…

find a purpose.

Find a purpose that is larger than your trouble.

Dedicate each day to that purpose, that great good.

Uplift others. Propagate love. Oppose what is wrong. Discover truth. Create new beauty. Voice what is worthy. Share your gifts. Send ripples of generosity into the future. Do an unselfish thing.


Once your purpose is found, think of little else.

You will gain everything.

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Colorful chalk wisdom on a Little Italy sidewalk.

Is it right, true, needed--then say it!
Is it right? Is it true? Is it needed? Then say it!

A couple days ago I spotted these colorful words of wisdom on a Little Italy sidewalk.

A big rainstorm is coming. The chalk will be washed away.

Be aware. Love you.
Be aware. Love you.
Kiss a friend.
Kiss a friend.
Chalk flowers on sidewalk.
Chalk flowers on the sidewalk.
You are perfect.
You are perfect.

Chalk wisdom on the Cabrillo Bridge.

seven days without love make one weak

Someone in San Diego has a funny bone. They wrote a whole mess of silly but pithy quotes with chalk on the Cabrillo Bridge sidewalk. You know, where joggers and walkers pass over Highway 163 heading into Balboa Park. The scribe must’ve done this days ago, because the chalk is fading.

Depicted in this photo is the astute observation: Seven days without love make one weak.