Pig wearing baseball cap is food king.

phils bbq stadium food king pig

I saw this funny sight and had to take a photo. It’s a sign in the form of a pig.

Phil’s BBQ serves barbeque in the Park at the Park during Padres home games. Seems they were winners this year of the Stadium Food King Challenge, a tastiest food contest put on by USA Today. Phil’s tri-tip sandwich beat out the Diamondbacks Sororan Dog, the Brewers pulled pork parfait, and the Royals Cheesy Brisket-acho for top honors.

Here’s a pic I took another day…

Giant pig with Padres logo and baseball cap seems trapped behind bars at Petco Park!
Giant pig with Padres logo and baseball cap seems trapped behind bars at Petco Park!

Homeless man sleeps beneath angels.

homeless man sleeps beneath angels

Early this evening, while I walked from work to the trolley station, I spotted this weird but truly wonderful car. I’ve seen it several times in recent months parked in the same area.

As I took out my camera, a man with a green parrot on his shoulder emerged from within and gave a friendly hello. He didn’t mind having photos taken. He claimed pictures of his strange vehicle are all over the internet.

He explained he was homeless. When I asked his name, he replied Peter Pan, followed by numerous other names, all beginning with the letter P.

He was very glad to show off his unique creation!

The roof of the car is topped with numerous bird cages containing angels. The hood features a detailed winter scene with Christmas trees, quaint houses, reindeer and snowmen. On the sides of the car are Christmas ornaments and a variety of snowy scenes from the holiday season, plus images from British literature and classic children’s stories. He pointed out painted pictures of Scrooge and Marley’s office, Mary Poppins with her umbrella, the Baker Street residence of Sherlock Holmes, the Wonkavator from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the flying bed from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He loved pointing out every detail!

He lamented that other homeless people were often mean, tearing off bits of scenery and tossing them over a nearby fence onto the trolley tracks.

I asked Peter Pan if decorating his car was done just for fun, or if he had some larger purpose. He indicated it was his hobby.

I must confess, I love the same classic stories that he loves. Most are joyful fantasies from childhood. (How fitting a bookstore is in this photograph’s background!)

sweet fantasy and the imaginarium carriage

Here’s a close-up pic of the car’s opposite side. The Christmas Imaginarium Carriage appears to be the fantastic vehicle’s name!

Dick’s Last Resort in the Gaslamp.

dick's last resort in the gaslamp

Here’s a photo taken on a weekday morning of Dick’s Last Resort in the Gaslamp. This wacky bar and restaurant chain with an intentionally-trained-to-be-obnoxious staff is jam-packed with all sorts of colorful customers most evenings and especially on weekends. Beer and good times are known to flow freely here!

Here are a couple more pics from other days:

Dick's Last Resort seen from across Fourth Avenue.
Dick’s Last Resort seen from across Fourth Avenue.
A very dour, funny unshaven dude with beer mug.
A very dour, funny unshaven dude with beer mug.

Cool fish wears red sunglasses!

cool fish wears red sunglasses

This is probably the coolest fish you’ll ever see. He’s so “ice” cool he’s gotta wear shades!

I glimpsed this funny image by the San Diego Marriott Marina, and thought everyone would enjoy it. Boaters going to and from the marina office are sure to take notice!

Chalk wisdom on the Cabrillo Bridge.

seven days without love make one weak

Someone in San Diego has a funny bone. They wrote a whole mess of silly but pithy quotes with chalk on the Cabrillo Bridge sidewalk. You know, where joggers and walkers pass over Highway 163 heading into Balboa Park. The scribe must’ve done this days ago, because the chalk is fading.

Depicted in this photo is the astute observation: Seven days without love make one weak.