Guitar player on bridge by reflecting pool.

guitar player on bridge by reflecting pool

This friendly guy was playing the guitar while sitting on the bridge that crosses Balboa Park’s reflecting pool. (If you can call it a bridge–it’s just a walkway, really.)

Same guitar player seen on another beautiful day.
Same guitar player seen on another beautiful day.

Sleeveless magician sets up in Balboa Park.

sleeveless magician sets up in balboa park

One cool feature of Balboa Park is the profusion of street performers. I got a fast pic of this magician setting up on El Prado in front of the reflecting pool. That’s the Botanical Building in the background–one of the largest wood lath structures in the world!

While I didn’t see this sleeveless magician perform last Sunday, I did savor the music of a nearby harp player and listened to a guy playing a funky didgeridoo!

UPDATE!  Here’s a pic from a performance, taken on a later day:

Sleeveless magician performs card trick for rapt audience.
Sleeveless magician performs card trick for rapt audience.

The barn-like Farm House on Bankers Hill.

the red farm house on bankers hill

This big red barn-like house can be found on Bankers Hill, near Laurel Street and First Avenue, just north of downtown San Diego. A small sign in front indicates that this fun structure is the “Farm House”. Many other interesting Victorian homes abound in the neighborhood, but this cool sight always hogs my attention!

Another pic of the barn-like Farm House on Bankers Hill.
Another pic of the barn-like Farm House on Bankers Hill.

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Spreckels Organ Scholarship recipients play!

spreckels organ society volunteer at concert

This Sunday afternoon’s free concert at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion featured two of this year’s Spreckels Organ Scholarship winners! The scholarship is provided by the Spreckels Organ Society to promising young organists. Both young ladies who played were terrific!

This photo was taken as I entered the pavilion. Lots of folks were out and about on this beautiful sunny day, and a fair number of people were enjoying the music on the benches.

trinity schulz speaks at spreckels organ concert

Here’s a pic of Trinity Schulz speaking to the crowd. She then went on to play “How Firm a Foundation”.

suzy webster plays at spreckels organ pavilion

This pic shows Suzy Webster. She played a fun “Chopsticks for Organ”, and then Prelude and Fugue in C Minor, by J.S. Bach.

Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior visits San Diego.

greenpeace rainbow warrior with free the arctic banner

This afternoon, during my Sunday walk, I was surprised to see the Rainbow Warrior, the well-known ship of the activist group Greenpeace, docked down on the Embarcadero.  It seems they were visiting San Diego, and loads of people were streaming onto the ship for tours.  I had my camera with me so I snapped some pics.

This first photo shows the bow of the ship.  A banner proclaims Free The Arctic.

visitors board the greenpeace rainbow warrior ship

Look at all the folks in line!  I saw lots of young idealists with clipboards and older hipsters in line.  Several signs and displays were set up on the walkway promoting the Greenpeace mission.

ocean safe tuna now banner between masts of rainbow warrior

Strung between the masts was a transparent banner reading OCEAN SAFE TUNA NOW.  It was so large that it was visible several blocks away.

Colorful street art in Mission Valley.

colorful dog breeds painted on utility box

Check out these two photos of utility boxes I spotted while walking to work today in Mission Valley.  They sit side-by-side a bit north of the San Diego River on a corner of Camino del Este.

The first box is painted in an amusing fashion with all sorts of dog breeds.  Looks like the artist was definitely a lover of canines!

beautiful flowers decorate a utility box

This second box is super colorful.  I’ve observed that flowers are often central elements in street art.  Perhaps people crave a bit of natural beauty in the concrete jungle.

World’s oldest active sailing ship ready to go!

ready to board the star of india for yearly sail

Today a 150 year old tall ship was spotted sailing in the wide Pacific Ocean off Point Loma, just beyond the historic lighthouse! Was it a ghost from the past?  How is it possible?

It’s possible because San Diego’s own Star of India, the oldest active sailing ship in the world, departed from the dock today for its yearly sail!

I thought about buying a ticket for the historic event, but unfortunately I’m feeling a bit under the weather. This morning I did manage to amble down to the Embarcadero to watch and take some photos of the colorful preparations that are required for the beautiful ship to get underway.

In the first pic, you can see Maritime Museum members and some passengers gathered, getting ready to board or lend a hand.

star of india gets ready to sail

The guy hanging from some ropes just finished decoupling electrical and other lines from the black wrought iron hull of the docked ship.

climbing into the rigging of the star of india

Volunteers carefully climb up into the rigging to get everything ready for the sail!

volunteers work at end of yard arm

Some hardy folks were already up on the yard arms working at the rigging. Once the Star of India is pulled out of San Diego Bay, the sails are unfurled and the tall ship is completely free to run before the wind!

volunteer disengages ramp

After a bit of work, the ramp was finally disengaged from the ship and pulled backward onto the sidewalk.

volunteers prepare to release star of india rope

One by one the ropes holding the Star of India to the Embarcadero were cast off.

tugboat ready to pull star of india to sea

Here’s one of the two tugboats, ready to tow San Diego’s pride and joy out of the harbor. The classic figurehead of the Star will soon be facing the open sea!

star of india pulls away from the dock

Pulling away from the dock… A pair of museum volunteers look on wistfully…

star of india is tugged out of san diego harbor

The lady heads out into the bay’s deep channel… Aircraft hangars at Naval Air Station North Island can be seen on the left. Point Loma stretches in the background.

Definitely very cool!