Photo memories of 2017 San Diego Comic-Con!

Time to go into Comic-Con mode!

I can’t believe how quickly the years pass by. It feels 2017 San Diego Comic-Con happened only yesterday!

Just for fun, I’ve been reviewing my blog posts from last year. It was amazing. So much fantastic stuff going on. Running like a crazy person around downtown taking hundreds of photos almost wore me out, but what an incredible, unforgettable experience!

Would you like to revisit some of the cool cosplay and fun activities outside Comic-Con in 2017?

Click the following links to see lots and lots of photos!

Photos of Steven Universe music video with Estelle!

Photos of uniforms, weapons, props of Star Trek: Discovery!

Comic-Con! Huge crowds! Cool cosplay! Crazy fun!

Comic-Con insanity! More cosplay and a TV star!

A look inside the Futurism and Tech Pavilion at Comic-Con.

Vikings actors greet crowd! A longship burns!

More craziness and cosplay at 2017 Comic-Con!

Broad City fans paint big coloring book at Comic-Con!

Celebrities! Cool cosplay! A rare Alien Queen!

More fun and cool cosplay at SDCC 2017!

Rabbitville gallery celebrates Gaslamp during Comic-Con.

The Walking Dead eat fans at 2017 Comic-Con!

Cosplay photos and other 2017 Comic-Con stuff!

Fun stuff outside Comic-Con on Preview Night!

Ron English’s POPaganda art exhibit at Comic-Con.

Hall H line begins, and photos of other stuff.

Cartoon Network character balloons take flight!

More photos of preparations for 2017 Comic-Con!

Super fan is first in line for Conan at Comic-Con!

Photos of how to get Wrecked at Comic-Con!

A look inside the Laika Experience at Comic-Con!

I live in downtown San Diego and love to walk around with my camera! You can follow Cool San Diego Sights via Facebook or Twitter!

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Richard Schulte

Downtown San Diego has been my home for many years. My online activities reflect my love for writing, blogging, walking and photography.

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