Help the House of Mexico build their cottage!

The House of Mexico had a table in the Plaza de Panama during the 2018 Cinco de Mayo celebration.
The House of Mexico had a fun display in the Plaza de Panama during the 2018 Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Yesterday during the Cinco de Mayo celebration in Balboa Park I walked around the Plaza de Panama checking out a variety of colorful tables. At the House of Mexico’s table, I learned how these good people are raising money to build their own casita at the International Cottages. The necessary permits have been obtained, now they just need to raise more money for the construction!

The House of Mexico has been a member of the House of Pacific Relations since 2004. Their mission is to promote the beauty, history, and culture of Mexico, San Diego’s close neighbor to the south.

If you’d like to help this cultural project, by becoming a member or perhaps by making a tax deductible donation, please visit the House of Mexico’s website!

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