Las Posadas procession at Heritage County Park.

The 64th Annual Las Posadas procession was held this evening at Heritage County Park, in San Diego’s Old Town neighborhood.

At seven o’clock, Mary astride a donkey and Joseph began to slowly move up Heritage Park Row, followed by members of the public who held simulated candles.

It was the traditional Mexican reenactment of Mary and Joseph’s search for lodging in Bethlehem, shortly before the birth of Jesus.

There was a brief narration followed by short call–and–response verses at six stations, representing different inns in Bethlehem. The stations were located in front of the historic houses that stand preserved in Heritage County Park.

I had never experienced a Las Posadas procession before. I was surprised to see so many participants–young and old–on a very chilly December evening.

In the darkness my camera managed to capture these photos.

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People tricked by Tom Sawyer at TwainFest!

Tom Sawyer tricked several people at TwainFest today.

I was walking nonchalantly though Heritage Park near Old Town San Diego when Tom Sawyer passed by in a big hurry…

Did Tom Sawyer steal the school bell? Why the hurry? It appears Mark Twain’s beloved character is playing hooky, running through Heritage Park during TwainFest.
Uh, oh! Aunt Polly has spotted Tom and is giving chase!
Tom tries to hide behind a fence, but Aunt Polly is familiar with his antics and quickly finds him.
Aunt Polly tells that mischievous boy Tom he has a chore to do. He must whitewash the fence!
He surveyed the fence, and all gladness left him and a deep melancholy settled down upon his spirit. Thirty yards of board fence nine feet high. Life to him seemed hollow, and existence but a burden. –Mark Twain from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
Here comes Becky Thatcher, looking for Tom.
Becky observes poor suffering Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence.
Tom explains to Becky that it isn’t every day a person gets to whitewash a fence. In fact, it’s quite a privilege.
Becky Thatcher gives Tom a whole apple for this rare opportunity to whitewash the fence!
Several visitors to TwainFest are lured into Tom Sawyer’s scheme. They happen to find small objects on the grass nearby, and offer them to Tom so that they, too, might whitewash that fence!
Tom’s basket fills with contributions.
The TwainFest visitors and Becky get to work while Tom takes another bite from his apple.
Whitewashing the fence is such fun!
Tom Sawyer lies back with his apple and enjoys the fruits of his trickery.
Here comes Aunt Polly! Uh, oh! She’s searching for Tom!
Tom Sawyer’s in big trouble…again!
Tom does his best to explain this rather unusual situation, but Aunt Polly has heard it all. She isn’t easily fooled.
Tom shouts and points his finger into the distance, causing Aunt Polly to turn in surprise. That clever Tom Sawyer takes full advantage of his distraction! Run!
Tom Sawyer makes his escape!

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Victorian houses and history in Heritage Park.

Several colorful Victorian houses were relocated to Heritage Park.
Several colorful Victorian houses were relocated to Heritage Park.

Lovers of architecture, Victorian houses and San Diego history should swing by Heritage Park, a small county park located next to Old Town.

Several historic homes representing Italianate, Stick-Eastlake, Queen Anne and Classic Revival styles were relocated to this eight acre park by the Save Our Heritage Organisation.  Only the exteriors of the structures have been restored, with the exception of the Burton House and Senlis Cottage, which are open to the public.

Group of ladies walking past the Sherman Gilbert House.
Group of ladies walking past the Sherman-Gilbert House.

John Sherman, cousin of General William Tecumseh Sherman, built the Stick-Eastlake style Sherman-Gilbert House in 1887.  Over the years, many world-famous entertainers appeared at receptions in this house, including ballet dancer Anna Pavlova and pianist Artur Rubinstein.  This was the first structure moved to Heritage Park, in 1971.

Bushyhead House was an Italianate residence built in 1887.
Bushyhead House was an Italianate residence built in 1887.

Edward Wilkerson Bushyhead, a Cherokee Indian with a Scottish ancestor, was an important historical figure in San Diego. He served as Chief of Police years after being publisher of the San Diego Union newspaper. He built the Bushyhead House as a rental in 1887.

Christian House, built in 1889, seen beyond large tree.
Christian House, built in 1889, seen beyond large tree.

The Christian House is a colorful Queen Anne style house built in 1889.

Girl on porch of the classic revival Burton House.
Girl on porch of the Classic Revival Burton House.

Side view of the Burton House in San Diego's Heritage Park.
Side view of the 1893 Burton House in San Diego’s Heritage Park.

McConaughy House is home to the Coral Tree Tea House.
McConaughy House, a Stick-Eastlake built in 1887.

People emerge from San Diego's first synagogue, Temple Beth Israel.
People emerge from San Diego’s first synagogue, Temple Beth Israel.

This 1889 Classic Revival building constructed by the Congregation Beth Israel was also used by several religious sects before it was finally relocated to Heritage Park.

Heritage Park is located near Old Town San Diego.
Heritage Park is located adjacent to historic Old Town San Diego.

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