More photos of amazing chalk art at Festa!

amazing chalk art looks like watercolor

I promised even more photos of the amazing chalk art creations at Little Italy’s 2013 Festa event. Many of these pics show artists at work, applying vibrant color to the drab asphalt of a downtown San Diego street. Enjoy these images!

a fantastic work of chalk art in little italy

andy warhol style mopeds as chalk art

Andy Warhol might’ve painted mopeds in this fashion!

artistic creations using chalk in little italy

artists at work at festa event in san diego

chalk faces at little italy's festa celebration

Expressive faces. This was one of my favorites!

classic figure and italian chalk art

classic italian chalk art at festa in san diego

exotic masks and faces in little italy's festa

I also love these exotic masks and faces!

neptune holds a thunderbolt over a ship

pinocchio appears on a san diego street

What could be more Italian than Pinocchio?

strange long fingers made of chalk

Even though it’s a bit creepy, I like this one. It really appeals to the imagination!

talented young lady is an excellent chalk artist

Among the talented artists were many young people. Impressive!

the minions tip the leaning tower of pisa

It seems the Minions had a sneaky, dastardly scheme. It was to tilt the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Gesso Italiano artwork on San Diego street.

a fantastic face of chalk at festa festival

Here are more photos of the Italian chalk art, properly called Gesso Italiano, at today’s 2013 Festa event in Little Italy. I’ve got so many great pics, it’s hard to choose which ones to show. Oh, well. I hope you like these! (Make sure you check out my previous post.)

artist creates chalk madonna and child

Three blocks of a city street in San Diego’s Little Italy became the canvas for chalk creations! Lots of classical images, as one might expect from a celebration of Italy . . .

disney chalk art jiminy cricket

I bet Walt Disney himself would’ve been delighted by this colorful chalk art Jiminy Cricket!

dogue italia colorful chalk art at festa

This humorous piece seems to be named Dogue Italia. That’s one elegantly dressed dog!

elegant lady rendered in chalk at festa

More beautiful artistry . . .

italian chalk face at san diego's festa

A striking portrait. You’d think this was an exquisite painting hung in a museum!

lots of people and little italy chalk art

I have even more photos coming . . . so check back soon!

Amazing chalk art at Little Italy’s Festa!

amazing little italy festa chalk art

Wow! I just finished a leisurely walk through Little Italy’s great 2013 Festa event, and by far the most amazing part of it was the chalk art competition! I learned that Italian chalk art is called Gesso Italiano. There were 62 colorful entries, taking up three full city blocks! I got so many great photos I’m going to break it all into several blog posts. Here comes the first batch!

awesome chalk art in little italy

All the artwork was fantastic!

colorful chalk face at little italy's festa

It was fascinating to watch the many artists at work. I wish I had such talent!

crazy colorful chalk art face in little italy

Lots of people converged on San Diego’s unique Italian Festival!

creating a chalk art masterpiece

Recreating a masterpiece with chalk.

girl touches finger of michelangelo chalk art god

I love this cool pic. One of the amazing chalk creations depicted another act of creation: that of God! The Sistine Chapel’s ceiling seemed to be transported to the asphalt street. Bystanders were invited to lie down and become part of Michelangelo’s divine masterpiece!

italian chalk art creation at festa

Stay tuned for more!

Cabrillo’s galleon sails in Civic Center Plaza.

cabrillo's galleon san salvador sails in civic center plaza

Walking recently through San Diego’s Civic Center Plaza, I enjoyed a variety of historical images and colorful designs inlaid in the central courtyard.

Check out Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo’s galleon the San Salvador. In 1542, the Portuguese explorer discovered San Diego Bay on behalf of Spain while searching for a mythical water route across North America.

An actual working replica of the San Salvador is being built by the San Diego Maritime Museum. One of these days I’ll walk north along the bay to Spanish Landing in order to take some pics!

Wider view of Civic Center Plaza.
Wider view of Civic Center Plaza.

Homecoming statue on Greatest Generation Walk.

homecoming statue on greatest generation walk

I love this statue. It’s located on the Embarcadero a little south of the USS Midway, just off a bike and pedestrian path, in an area called the Greatest Generation Walk. Other statues, plaques and memorials can be found in the vicinity, but this bronze sculpture expresses such genuine feeling and humanity, it’s hard to take one’s eyes from it.

It’s called Homecoming. It depicts a sailor newly returned from deployment, reunited with his wife and small child. It’s a scene often televised by local news stations. San Diego is home to several large Navy bases, and is the homeport of many naval ships.

The artist who created this is named Stanley Bleifeld. According to the Port of San Diego website, this sculpture is identical to the artist’s original work, which is featured at the entrance to the Naval Heritage Center next to the Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C.

View of touching public art from different direction.
View of touching public art from different direction.
Love and thankfulness depicted on face of a Navy wife.
Love and thankfulness depicted on face of a Navy wife.
Sailor's expression of love.
Sailor’s expression of love.
Child is happy that Dad is home from deployment.
Child is happy that Dad is home from deployment.
Woman photographs Homecoming sculpture.
Woman photographs Homecoming sculpture.

Seaport Village portrait artist draws faces.

seaport village portrait artist at work

A whole variety of street performers, entertainers, psychics and artists can be found along the path that separates Seaport Village from Embarcadero Marina Park North. It’s a lively scene, especially during the summer. I snapped a great photo of a portrait artist sketching the faces of a couple who were seated together. Some of the artists seem more skilled than others; some paint, some draw, some do cartoons and caricatures.

The following pic is from another sunny summer day…

Street artist by Seaport Village paints kids sitting on wall near the bay.
Street artist by Seaport Village paints kids sitting on wall near the bay.

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Henna tattoo body art at Seaport Village.

henna tattoo body art at seaport village

Just steps from the Seaport Village carousel and Ben and Jerry’s you’ll find a henna tattoo artist. They must’ve been out to lunch when I walked by. But it was interesting to check out the display of possible designs and the table full of colorful materials.

Another pic taken on a day the artist was at work:

Henna tattoo applied to arm of Seaport Village visitor.
Henna tattoo applied to arm of Seaport Village visitor.

And then, one day, I took another stroll through Seaport Village…

I learned the henna tattoo artist is named Natasha! Great smile!
I learned the henna tattoo artist is named Natasha! Great smile!

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