Kids and dogs in costume at Seaport Village.

kids and dogs in costume at seaport village

At Seaport Village yesterday, the Halloween Bash on the Bay brought out legions of costumed kids and their families. Trick or treating, music, food, dancing, crafts and fun were found all over the place.

A colorful costume contest for kids and dogs was held at the central fountain.

kids at seaport village making halloween masks

A mask making station attracted a whole bunch of creative kids.

kids in halloween costumes dance to spooky music

In this photo we see kids dancing and showing off their cool costumes. The fun theme song from Ghostbusters and bubbles from a bubble blower filled the food court as I walked through. Not sure what caused the smoke. Not sure about that blue tarp, either. The Seaport Village carousel twirls in the background.

lots of adults join in halloween fun at seaport village

Even the adults dressed up. Or is that wrestler really Macho Man Randy Savage?

real hot dog poses on a tray

This real life hot dog was a favorite at the costume contest. Everyone wanted to take a pic!

Hundreds of bloody zombies walk through city.

teletubby zombies lead assault on san diego

Here’s another batch of photos from yesterday evening’s cool Zombie Walk. The downtown San Diego event began at Childrens Park and proceeded down Martin Luther King Jr. Promenade. As it grew dark, the hungry creatures swarmed up Fifth Avenue through the Gaslamp, where the spectacle entertained Saturday night revelers.

Oh my goodness, here they come now! Teletubby zombies lead the frightening assault!

zombies of every description out for a walk

Yikes! There are hundreds of hungry zombies shuffling along! They’re unstoppable! Seeping blood and torn clothing seem to be the main theme.

zombie walk included a werewolf

I hope the humans over in the Gaslamp are ready to take on more than zombies. I see a werewolf!

dilbert is a bloody zombie

Dilbert thought his coworkers were mindless zombies. Then one day Dilbert became one.

another bloody sexy zombie

The walking dead include a bloody Superman. If the Man of Steel couldn’t stop the zombie plague, then I guess there’s no hope.

zombie with an axe looks for a victim

Another zombie with an axe searching for a victim…

walking dead approach san diego's gaslamp

Hoardes of walking dead are now very close to San Diego’s Gaslamp. It’s not going to be pretty.

zombies pass spaghetti factory seeking something tastier

Well, I guess the zombies aren’t hungry for the red sauce served at the Spaghetti Factory. They’re after something else! Bye–gotta run!

Photos of zombies attacking San Diego park.

a bride zombie approaches the city park

The San Diego Zombie Walk took place last evening. The spooky Halloween season event was staged at Childrens Park, across Harbor Drive from the Convention Center. I got some photos!

Zombies could be seen converging on the park from every direction. There seemed to be no stopping them.

Here comes an undead bride in her blood-splattered bridal gown. Pedestrians have fled every which way!

an executioner zombie examines his next victim

This towering, bloody butcher has nearly captured a helpless victim. Everyone in downtown San Diego surely heard the lady’s blood-curdling scream of terror!

miserable zombies seem quite decayed

The walking dead, some of them terribly decayed and disfigured, gathered in the park with a singular purpose. To feast on flesh!

nasty zombies out to eat your flesh

Some of these zombies might smile, but don’t let it fool you. The one in the cowboy hat is about to get a surprise!

zombie chefs want a kiss of fresh blood

It might be a good idea to NOT kiss these zombie chefs. Looks awfully unsanitary.

zombie family poses by fountain

What a nice zombie dad, zombie girl and zombie mom. The latter can’t seem to take her zombie fingers from her zombie phone.

zombies with a big chainsaw

This sweet, loving couple would like to meet new friends. And so would their chainsaw.

Photos of San Diego walk for farm animals.

cows are friends not food sign

I had taken a pic of an unusual poster about this event several weeks ago, so I decided to swing by during my Saturday morning walk. (Stay tuned for pictures of the San Diego Zombie Walk later today!)

I walked through Embarcadero Marina Park North about 10:30, half an hour after the animal rights protest had begun. It didn’t seem that many people had shown up yet. I’d estimate perhaps fifty scattered about the grassy areas and in the nearby gazebo and bay overlook.

This lady sat alone holding a poster indicating that cows are friends.

men dress as a pig and cow to support animals

Here’s a photo of two men in the nearby parking lot being helped by a woman into animal costumes. One is a cow; it appears the other is a pig.

san diego walk for farm animals attendees

These tables seemed to be the central feature of the event. The attendees all were smiling. You can see haze in the distance–mostly overcast skies and very much like Autumn today.

sign proclaims that a rooster is someone

Two more posters. One indicates that a rooster is someone, not something.

As I left the public park and returned through Seaport Village, I noticed a few more people trickling in for what seemed to be a very laid-back protest.

Giant-sized Pinocchio sits on tile roof.

giant pinocchio sits on tile roof

This giant, mischievous Pinocchio dangles a yo-yo and winks while sitting atop a red tile roof. This fun sight can be found at the Geppetto’s toy store in the Fashion Valley shopping mall, in Mission Valley.

Silver Line trolley at City College station.

silver line trolley at city college station

This pic is definitely cool!

I happened to be at the Smart Corner building, the location of the City College trolley station, when a historic car belonging to the Silver Line came through! It was servicing the downtown loop.

This shiny, beautifully restored Presidents Conference Committee (PCC) trolley car was built just after the end of World War II. A whole fleet of electric trolleys like this one traversed San Diego until 1949.

Here are more pics of the same trolley taken on different days:

Cool restored Silver Line trolley at Fifth Avenue station.
Cool restored Silver Line trolley at Fifth Avenue station.
Silver Line trolley near the Convention Center.
Silver Line trolley near the Convention Center.

Super colorful street art in San Diego.

super cool street art in san diego

Check out this cool photo! I captured some more dazzling street art in downtown San Diego, just west of the trolley tracks on Park Boulevard. I like the glassy shine of the eyes and the abundance of color. These fantastic characters seem to have emerged from a little girl’s dream. The right portion was painted by muralist¬†Gloria Muriel, the Bunny Kitty character on the left is by¬†Dave Persue.

A look at the cool mural looking north.
A look at the cool mural looking north.
Mural is on the wall of the hART Lounge.
Mural is on the wall of the hART Lounge.