Books published in San Diego a century ago.

The 57th Annual Local Author Showcase can now be viewed at San Diego’s downtown Central Library.

One of the display cases features books that were published in San Diego a century ago–in the 1920s and 1930s.

When I think of publishing in San Diego, the name Harcourt Brace Jovanovich immediately comes to mind. One of the world’s most important publishers made downtown San Diego their home for many years.

But have you heard of Torrey Pines Press, Hillcrest Publishing Company and the San Diego Printing Company? They and others were producing books in our city a century ago. Even Arrowhead Spring Water Distributors was part of the action!

The San Diego Library maintains a collection of books published or printed in San Diego. It’s called the Wilmer B. Shields Collection. It’s located inside the Marilyn and Gene Marx Special Collections Center on the Central Library’s 9th floor.


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5 thoughts on “Books published in San Diego a century ago.”

  1. Many years ago I worked for HBJ in that old building we referred to as the “Wedding Cake” building (back when it was painted white with blue trim… the last time I saw it, it was painted a dull gray šŸ˜¦ ). I have two of my short stories published in books that were a part of this year’s Local Author Showcase. There is nothing like seeing your name in print and being able to search on your name in the library archives. If you haven’t submitted some of your wonderful short stories… you should.

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    1. Perhaps I should! I’ve had a little bit of that amazing experience. My story One Thousand Likes is in a 12th Grade textbook published by Macmillan. It’s also a part of High School and College courses around the world!


      1. That story rolled out of me almost effortlessly. Funny how that happens. Wish they were all that way! BTW, I perform internet searches now and again just to see what’s what. A couple weeks ago I noticed One Thousand Likes is part of an English Literature course at Universidad de Costa Rica!

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