Bright landscapes from memory in Balboa Park.

How would you illustrate your own memories?

An exhibition of art at the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego’s Balboa Park features the “memories” of graphic designer Shuichi Hashimoto.

Should you walk into the garden’s Exhibit Hall, you’ll discover flowers and mountains and clouds and cities, composed quilt-like from many bright fragments. The exhibit is titled Moisture and Light–Landscape in the Memory.

The inspired creator of this unique beauty, Shuichi Hashimoto, is based in Osaka, Japan. According to the JFG website: Hashimoto believes that the persistent rain combined with the humid environment influenced the diverse culture of Japan.

One can see how streaks of light and drops of water in his artwork seem to shimmer and bubble throughout the bright memories.

As I looked upon these abstract landscapes, it seemed I was peering through windows spattered with sunlit raindrops.

You can experience these fantastic memories, too, at the Japanese Friendship Garden through May 7, 2022.

Enjoy a few examples…

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3 thoughts on “Bright landscapes from memory in Balboa Park.”

  1. Just want to tell you how much I appreciate your blog and how happy I am to have stumbled upon it a few weeks ago when looking for things to do in National City. THANK YOU for your inspiration to explore San Diego – you make it easy to do short excursions that match my energy level.

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    1. That’s very nice of you to say! By the way, if you want to see all of my blog posts concerning National City, click “national city” in those tags at the bottom of any post that concerns National City.


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