Has the Earth moved at Fault Line Park?

Fault Line Park in downtown San Diego’s East Village neighborhood made its debut a little over six years ago.

Has the Earth moved since then?

More specifically, has the Earth on either side of the Rose Canyon Fault System rupture just under the park moved since then?

Very unique public art in this city park helps casual observers determine whether any such movement has occurred. I first blogged about Fault Line Park and its two giant spheres in September, 2015. Revisit that old post by clicking here.

Back then I took a photograph through one of the spheres. The twin stainless steel spheres stand on opposite sides of the shallow underground rupture. Should the ground on either side move over time, the targeting crosshairs inside the one sphere will shift in relation to the other sphere.

Here’s a photo I took over six years ago…

Compare it to the next photo that I took early this morning.

Something is now stuck inside the sphere’s hollow tube, but you can see how the crosshairs still roughly center on the opposite sphere:

I know this isn’t scientific, but if there has been any movement of the ground on either side of the fault line, it appears to be very slight!

I’ll have to take another photo a few years from now!

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