Positive mural offers hope for at-risk youth.

I AM POSSIBLE. A motivational public mural in a neighborhood with at-risk youth.
I AM POSSIBLE. A public mural expresses hope for at-risk youth.

A large mural has been recently painted in a neighborhood that is home to a significant population of at-risk youth. The public mural offers hope, positive reinforcement and inspiration. It reads simply: I AM POSSIBLE.

You can find this powerful new artwork painted at the corner of University Avenue and Marlborough Avenue in City Heights. It’s the creation of @midcitycanyouthcouncil and @channinfulton for #schoolsnotprisons.

This public art is a great example that other communities might follow.

For youth who feel trapped, or hopeless, or tempted to go down a self-destructive path, these beautifully painted words provide a constant visual reminder of life’s better possibilities.

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Richard Schulte

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