Batman takes over the Comic-Con Museum!

Today I checked out the Batman Experience at the Comic-Con Museum!

This fantastic exhibition is running during 2019 Comic-Con and is well worth the short trip from the San Diego Convention Center to Balboa Park. It’s free to the public–no badge required!

All three levels of the Comic-Con Museum have been taken over by Batman, as has a section of lawn outside the museum’s front entrance. That’s because Batman, celebrating his 80-year publishing history, is the very first inductee into the Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame!

Walk through the looming gate of Arkham Asylum and feast your eyes on authentic, original items from the Warner Bros. Corporate Archive. You’ll see a couple of Batmobiles, iconic props from the major motion pictures, and costumes from the movies and the television series Gotham. There’s a Bat-Signal that projects Commissioner Gordon’s urgent call for assistance on the museum’s ceiling. In the lower level there’s a super cool Batcave Gaming Lounge, with current and old school video games featuring the Caped Crusader. You can also punch a villain. BAM! ARRGH! POW! Or play Batman pinball games. Or view the complete 100-piece series of collectible Batman Black and White statues.

After you do all this, you should step through a door and enjoy looking at the original Jim Lee artwork for the 2019 Comic-Con Souvenir Book. It’s on display in the museum’s ongoing exhibit Cover Story: The Art of Comic-Con 50.

Finally, if you’re feeling heroic, put on Batman’s cowl and try out the skydive simulator on the grass outside. The Dark Knight Dive allows brave crimefighters to simulate soaring over Gotham City!

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6 thoughts on “Batman takes over the Comic-Con Museum!”

  1. Great info collected. Batman is my all-time favourite super hero from DC. If there is a chance,would like to know how comic-con presents spiderman in your area. Spiderman is my childhood favourite superhero/wall crawler from Marvel way before there was MCU. Today’s mail caught my eyes and known about your facebook page, liked it. Will try to view the scenarios you have captured. Nice to hear from you. Have a wonderful day.

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    1. Spider-Man is very popular during Comic-Con, and was part of the Marvel panel’s discussion about their Phase 4 movies. Lots of people cosplay as Spider-Man and other related characters, like Venom. You can see some of those costumes in other recent blog posts I made during Comic-Con. But this year’s Comic-Con is now over, so I’ll be back to blogging about San Diego things in general!


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