UPDATE! Creators of San Diego’s Navy Bicentennial plaque.

Corroded plaque shows tallship, ironclad, early warship, aircraft carrier and jets.
Corroded plaque shows tallship, ironclad, early warship, aircraft carrier and jets.

I have received more information about the origin of the Navy Bicentennial plaque situated on San Diego’s Embarcadero near the USS Midway Museum.

Last September, I published the blog Help solve a Navy mystery in San Diego. This fascinating plaque is passed by thousands walking along our waterfront every day. It’s located on the Greatest Generation Walk among other military memorials and monuments, but even today there is no public information about what the plaque is or where it came from.

After emailing the Port of San Diego, last October I published the blog Unknown Navy plaque: Mystery partially solved!  I’d been sent information that included a detailed description of the plaque.  I also learned that the plaque had been moved from the Broadway Pier.  But the exact origin remained unknown.

Then, out of the blue, two amazing things have happened.  Cool San Diego Sights has received comments shedding light on the actual people who created this very important, historical plaque.

The first comment I received went:

My name is William Abell and I was an ML3 aboard the USS Ajax AR6 and I helped create this plaque in the ship’s foundry in 1975. I have a certificate from Admiral J L Holloway III commemorating the plaque’s creation and my part in its creation. The date on the certificate is Oct 13, 1975. The plaque was to be a gift to the City of San Diego. I am now a retired police commander living in Monroe WA.

The second comment I received yesterday morning.  It directed my attention to this blog post:

I am Molder Chief Petty Officer Jesse G. Lopez USN Ret. The foundry crew from Navy Repair Ship USS Ajax AR-6, created the pattern which was made by Patternmaker Chief Carlos De Santiago USN RET and molded by myself when I was a MLFN. Petty Officer Abell was our Third Class in charge of the molders.


I’ve received detailed information about the plaque, including photographs of its creation and creators! Click here!

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4 thoughts on “UPDATE! Creators of San Diego’s Navy Bicentennial plaque.”

  1. Isn’t that outstanding,Richard?!! After all our emails and talking between blogs – the creators contact you out of the blue – did they happen on your post while looking up their plaque? No matter – we now have an answer!

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