Irritable crabs face off at Ocean Beach arena.

Some irritable crabs were facing off all around a watery square arena at the Ocean Beach tide pools yesterday.

Crabs small and smaller, feeling agitated, would lift their claws threateningly, scamper right up to a rival, show ’em who’s boss, then, seeming to forget everything, would bumble off in a different direction.

I can’t say there was too much actual grappling. Just a lot of showboating.

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Meet the coolest wrestler in Southern California!

Ju Dizz becomes SoCal Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. (Photo courtesy @ju_dizz)
Ju Dizz becomes SoCal Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. (Photo courtesy @ju_dizz)

I happen to know the coolest wrestler in Southern California. Our paths usually cross several times a week. His name is Julius Coleman, and he wrestles with SoCal Pro under the name Ju Dizz.

Last weekend, at the completion of a hard fought cage match, fan favorite Ju Dizz lifted the championship belt as SoCal Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion! How cool is that?

Julius is not only a fierce fighter, but he’s a super positive guy and friend to many. As he rises to superstardom, he’ll be a many-time champion with an unstoppable, big heart. He’ll be an inspiring role model for all of his fans.

Ju Dizz is the Black Rose that blossoms through the rubble!

Check out his Instagram page here!