Treasures discovered in Balboa Park!

Many incredible treasures could be found by visitors to Balboa Park today.

All anyone had to do is look about.

Treasure could be discovered all weekend in Spanish Village Art Center. The Art Glass Guild’s Fall Patio Show filled tables with glittering riches.

A golden work of art glass by artist Tom Marosz.

Colorful art glass robots stand ready, created by Chris Stell.

Paella was a tasty treasure served up by the House of Spain during their lawn program at the International Cottages.

And here are two fancy Catrinas with sweet sugar skulls at the House of Mexico!

Kids in Balboa Park will bag lots of treasure this October 30th. The Trick or Treat Trail is mapped at the International Cottages!

Here’s a unique treasure that I hadn’t seen in Balboa Park for years, it seems!

It’s Brandon with his rare old-fashioned penny-farthing. He does riding demonstrations, bringing smiles to one and all. Good to see you again!

That precious bell is so rare it had to be brought in for the Sunday organ concert. A young musician rings it during a performance of The Typewriter.

(The actual bell, up behind the organ pipes, was activated with a key on the Spreckels Organ console. It sounded like an old manual typewriter’s carriage return–ding.)

Oh, wow! If there’s a pile of hidden treasure to be found in Balboa Park, it would probably be inside Draco’s Lair!

Draco the dragon is out of his lair!

Now’s our chance at the treasure!

Uh, oh! Mitchell sees what I’m up to!

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Halloween banners on Gaslamp lamp posts.

halloween banners on gaslamp lamp posts

Yesterday morning, as I walked through the Gaslamp, I spied some spooky new banners hanging from the lamp posts. Looks like Halloween is coming!


Here are similar Gaslamp banners spotted the following year!

Some spooky Gaslamp Halloween banners spotted in October of 2014.
Spooky Gaslamp Halloween banners spotted in October of 2014.