Cool mural on Kippy’s building in Barrio Logan.

Huge mural on Barrio Logan Kippy's building.
Huge mural on Barrio Logan Kippy’s building.

I recently walked around Barrio Logan to take photos of street art, including the famous murals in Chicano Park.  During my fun adventure I passed this building.

I looked at Google Maps and believe this is or was the location of Kippy’s, a fashion design business that has a store in Coronado.

Corner of cool Barrio Logan Kippy's building.
Corner of cool Barrio Logan Kippy’s building.
Faces depicted on Kippy's building in Barrio Logan.
Faces depicted on Kippy’s building in Barrio Logan.
Cool Kippy's mural in Barrio Logan depicts Mariachis.
Cool Kippy’s mural in Barrio Logan depicts Mariachis.

Surreal images transform a Hillcrest sidewalk.

The heart's persistent eye stares out at the city.
The heart’s persistent eye stares out at the city.

An electrical transformer box on the sidewalk near Sixth and Robinson in Hillcrest has been painted with surreal images.  Here are several colorful pics!

Surreal image transforms a Hillcrest sidewalk.
Surreal image transforms a Hillcrest sidewalk.
Peace symbol, planet Earth, paintbrush and stars on side of Hillcrest transformer.
Peace symbol, planet Earth, paintbrush and stars on side of Hillcrest transformer.

Colorful street art in Mission Valley.

colorful dog breeds painted on utility box

Check out these two photos of utility boxes I spotted while walking to work today in Mission Valley.  They sit side-by-side a bit north of the San Diego River on a corner of Camino del Este.

The first box is painted in an amusing fashion with all sorts of dog breeds.  Looks like the artist was definitely a lover of canines!

beautiful flowers decorate a utility box

This second box is super colorful.  I’ve observed that flowers are often central elements in street art.  Perhaps people crave a bit of natural beauty in the concrete jungle.

Super colorful street art in San Diego.

super cool street art in san diego

Check out this cool photo! I captured some more dazzling street art in downtown San Diego, just west of the trolley tracks on Park Boulevard. I like the glassy shine of the eyes and the abundance of color. These fantastic characters seem to have emerged from a little girl’s dream. The right portion was painted by muralist Gloria Muriel, the Bunny Kitty character on the left is by Dave Persue.

A look at the cool mural looking north.
A look at the cool mural looking north.
Mural is on the wall of the hART Lounge.
Mural is on the wall of the hART Lounge.

A crabby waiter serves a surf monkey!

surf monkey in hillcrest is served by a crab

A boring old utility box in Hillcrest was transformed by an inspired artist into a colorful canvas. This fun example of urban art depicts a meditating monkey sitting by the surf, with white clouds and a volcano in the background. He’s being served a beverage by a crab!

More photos of amazing chalk art at Festa!

amazing chalk art looks like watercolor

I promised even more photos of the amazing chalk art creations at Little Italy’s 2013 Festa event. Many of these pics show artists at work, applying vibrant color to the drab asphalt of a downtown San Diego street. Enjoy these images!

a fantastic work of chalk art in little italy

andy warhol style mopeds as chalk art

Andy Warhol might’ve painted mopeds in this fashion!

artistic creations using chalk in little italy

artists at work at festa event in san diego

chalk faces at little italy's festa celebration

Expressive faces. This was one of my favorites!

classic figure and italian chalk art

classic italian chalk art at festa in san diego

exotic masks and faces in little italy's festa

I also love these exotic masks and faces!

neptune holds a thunderbolt over a ship

pinocchio appears on a san diego street

What could be more Italian than Pinocchio?

strange long fingers made of chalk

Even though it’s a bit creepy, I like this one. It really appeals to the imagination!

talented young lady is an excellent chalk artist

Among the talented artists were many young people. Impressive!

the minions tip the leaning tower of pisa

It seems the Minions had a sneaky, dastardly scheme. It was to tilt the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Gesso Italiano artwork on San Diego street.

a fantastic face of chalk at festa festival

Here are more photos of the Italian chalk art, properly called Gesso Italiano, at today’s 2013 Festa event in Little Italy. I’ve got so many great pics, it’s hard to choose which ones to show. Oh, well. I hope you like these! (Make sure you check out my previous post.)

artist creates chalk madonna and child

Three blocks of a city street in San Diego’s Little Italy became the canvas for chalk creations! Lots of classical images, as one might expect from a celebration of Italy . . .

disney chalk art jiminy cricket

I bet Walt Disney himself would’ve been delighted by this colorful chalk art Jiminy Cricket!

dogue italia colorful chalk art at festa

This humorous piece seems to be named Dogue Italia. That’s one elegantly dressed dog!

elegant lady rendered in chalk at festa

More beautiful artistry . . .

italian chalk face at san diego's festa

A striking portrait. You’d think this was an exquisite painting hung in a museum!

lots of people and little italy chalk art

I have even more photos coming . . . so check back soon!