More cool art in downtown Oceanside!

Enjoy the following cool photographs! They were taken today during a long, meandering walk around downtown Oceanside.

All of these murals and other bits of art were new to my camera. For whatever reason, I didn’t see this artwork during previous walks. Some of the murals appear to have been painted more recently.

If you’d like to revisit several old blog posts featuring a lot more street art around Oceanside, you can click here or here or here or here or here!

Okay. Here we go! Read the photo captions for any more information that I observed…

Underwater scene at Cynthia’s Artistic Expressions Art Gallery and Sip and Paint Studio. Colorful images include tropical fish, shark and mermaid. By W.B. @caegallery.
SpringHill Suites mural shows jellyfish holding a surfboard!
Mural by Paul Knebels, 2021, decorates Fugu Ice Cream & Taiyaki.
Mural by Skye Walker Art at Harbor Liquor-Beer and Fine Wines.
Old, faded mural at Venetos Cucina Italiana depicts Oceanside Pier and beach scene. By Mark McBee, 1998.
Mural at EVE Oceanside, which appears to have been created by Anlicuado, 2019.
Window graphic shows military aircraft and American eagle by the Oceanside Pier. “Dedicated to the men and women who serve with bravery and distinction their Constitution and Country. Painted by Hernandez, 9-11-2015.
Cool shell and tile mosaic decorates one unique Oceanside building.
Superhero guards entrance to Panels Comic Book Coffee Bar.
Murals add color to alley by Purrfect Auto Service.
Eye-catching mural on wall at Rebel Rebel Hair Salon, by @hirotton.
Lush artwork adds life to front of Plantology Cafe, by artist Aja Saint Claire Seabron (@_honeyspyder_).
Beautiful artwork above front door of Don Myers Stained Glass.
Fun turtle table outside Firestone Auto Care.
Mural on south wall of GrowGeneration.
Trippy spray paint graffiti art on north side of GrowGeneration.
A kinetic metal sculpture rises from the sidewalk on South Coast Highway.
Artistic drop of water hangs in front of Sonora Refillery.
A very unique and artistic garden in front of Seaside Flowers and Gifts.

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