A walk up and down Mission Bay Boulevard.

My photos of the Nite Owl mural in the last blog post were taken during a very long walk around east Pacific Beach. One segment of my walk was up and down Mission Bay Boulevard, from Rosewood Street to Garnet Avenue and back.

These are the images I captured. I didn’t see much that was truly noteworthy–mostly car dealerships, motels, office buildings and businesses–but I did encounter the above cool sign and a couple other humorous signs. I also saw some very old faded street art, plus one instance of public art which is extremely important.

On the Chase Bank building at the intersection of Mission Bay Boulevard and Garnet Avenue there are eight extraordinary mosaics. I will blog those photos separately in an upcoming post!

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Super 8 sign stays at a Quality Inn.

Super 8 sign stays at a Quality Inn.
Super 8 sign stays at a Quality Inn.

While walking through Mission Valley in the early morning, I did a double take when I saw this unusual sight!  I assume the motel is undergoing a name change.  Or perhaps the driver hauling the Super 8 sign stayed a night at Quality Inn!