Rabbits ready to tube race at Bunnyfest.

rabbits ready to tube race at bunnyfest

Here’s another pic from Bunnyfest. Three rabbits are ready to compete in a big race! They’re poised before three burrow-like tubes, just waiting to be released… There they go! Which one will win?

The one nearest the camera popped out of its pipe first!

Just a sample of the fun stuff  I observed today during my walk!

Girls at Bunnyfest trim nails of rabbit.

girls at bunnyfest clip nails of rabbit

Here comes another pic from Sunday afternoon!

Walking back toward downtown, I happened to stumble upon Bunnyfest on the grass at the south side of Balboa Park. It was a surprisingly large event with lots of booths and activities, put on by the San Diego House Rabbit Society. Rabbits were everywhere! Big rabbits, small rabbits, ordinary rabbits, exotic rabbits . . . rabbits of every kind and description! In arms, in pens, and featured on many great works of art! I watched for a moment while two girl volunteers trimmed the nails of a bunny. Here’s the photo.