Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde debut in San Diego!

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde have made their official debut in San Diego!

The famous character with two personas and two names, originally created by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, has been recreated in downtown San Diego. His two halves–the good and the evil–occupy a mysterious cabinet inside the studio of artist James Watts (@jewattso)!

Early this year I found James Watts working on his inspired Jekyll and Hyde cabinet in his utterly fantastic studio, and I posted photos and a little explanation here. This afternoon I beheld the finished creation!

Like any work of true art, the cabinet and its contents ignite mind, emotions and imagination. What does it all mean? A few suggestive words were provided by the artist.

On the rear of the cabinet is the image of a baby, symbolic of innocence, before choices are made in life…

Here’s the front of the mysterious cabinet with its sliding door. The cloud designs are influenced by Japanese art. Which side of the cabinet do you dare open first?

Here we have Dr. Jekyll, made of sailcloth sewn by hand. He’s wrapped up in tidy fashion, sitting politely and civilized.

On the opposite side lurks violent Mr. Hyde. He appears inhuman, hard and boney, and he has a hole in his head and heart!

James Watts then showed me how he’s working on a cool finger project now. He’s whittling lots of different fingers.

One can use one’s own fingers to pick among fingers…

James Watts works on new fingers on the sidewalk outside his downtown San Diego studio!

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