Smiles and heroes and Buck Bastard!

I met the above super cool people today. They had a table at Fangaea Con 2023 in San Diego. They are four creators of a budding animated web series: Buck Bastard.

These makers of Official Monkey Business were among the friendliest, most outgoing, most enthusiastic people I’ve met at any pop culture convention. We talked for a bit and I learned about a new character they are bringing to life: the would-be hero Buck Bastard!

We talked about the characteristics of Buck Bastard. From what I could gather, he wants to become a larger-than-life intergalactic hero in order to gain a desperately needed sense of self worth. And in so doing he actually becomes a hero.

You can get the gist of the character by watching the first produced episode of Buck Bastard here.

I love complex, character-driven stories and this particular concept. I’m positive Buck Bastard will develop into something special!

Check out Buck Bastard’s first short adventure “Hammer Time” by clicking here! And consider providing these passionate creators with a little support!

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