A famous architect and history in National City.

A very important architectural treasure stands in National City.

Granger Hall, built in 1898, was designed by a world-famous architect. The building can be spotted on East 4th Street near the base of the big electronic National City sign that rises next to Interstate 805.

I learned about Granger Hall when I read a Wikipedia article concerning Irving Gill, who is considered a pioneer of the modern movement in architecture. Twelve of his buildings throughout Southern California are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Granger Hall is such an important masterpiece that it has a full Wikipedia page. The hall was built in 1898 as an “acoustically perfect” music auditorium addition to a smaller music room in the Paradise Valley estate of Ralph Granger. Granger made a fortune in the “Last Chance” silver mine in Colorado during the 1890s. The building, moved later, has also been known as Granger Music Hall. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975… The acoustic properties include a design having no parallel walls or surfaces, including having the floor slope slightly forward and the ceiling and walls having “a slight canter”…

Well, I had to go check it out!

During my last walk through National City, I spied old Granger Hall behind a fence, apparently neglected and obviously deteriorating.

With my naked eye it was possible to see how the lines of the uniquely designed building aren’t exactly parallel. I could also see how, in its heyday, the music hall must have been glorious.

The Save Our Heritage Organisation has proposed having the building moved to Pepper Park and renovating it, so music can once again be heard from the acoustically perfect Granger Music Hall. On this SOHO web page you can view an old photograph of the hall’s elegant interior.

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  1. This used to be on 8th Avenue in National City before being moved to its current location. My wife and I lived in an apartment and looking out our bedroom.window we could see the Hall. Wesaw it catch on fire and called the fire department who xame to put it out. Their were hundreds of music rolls for the organ that we tried to get out before the water ruined them.

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