Defending Freedom in a San Diego rain.

In San Diego this afternoon, blue and yellow umbrellas sheltered a tight-knit gathering from the rain. Supporters of Ukraine met near the El Cid statue in Balboa Park’s Plaza de Panama, waving flags, giving heartfelt speeches, asking for help.

It’s now a year since Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine, and in San Diego many are appalled that dictatorship and murderous barbarism can rise again in the 21st century.

Powerful images and messages that concern one year of Defending Freedom surrounded the group.

As I stood in the crowd listening, a young person voiced her optimism that Freedom, in the end, would prevail.

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Richard Schulte

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2 thoughts on “Defending Freedom in a San Diego rain.”

  1. Very heart felt!!! Every time I read the horrors of this nonsense war n the Hitler like hunger for power of Putin,there’s nothing that can b said about it than cry n pray to this ends asap!!!
    My prayers are with you 🙏 n my heart ❤ too!!!!

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