Dolphins leap near bow of whale watching ship!

This morning a whale watching excursion off the coast of San Diego intercepted an unusually large pod of 200-300 dolphins.

I stood at the bow of Flagship’s vessel Marietta and marveled at how the Pacific white-sided dolphins raced before us, conveniently riding the water pushed forward by our ship.

A crew member aboard Marietta explained we were traveling 10 miles per hour. The dolphins are capable of going four times that speed!

Pods of dolphins are frequently encountered during trips in the ocean beyond Point Loma. Every time I’ve gone whale watching, no matter the season, we’ve spotted them.

The tightly knit pods move about while using their echo location ability to search for schools of fish. Adult dolphins have to eat about 5% of their body weight in food every day!

We were fortunate to be accompanied by such an unbelievably huge pod.

Every so often dolphins would playfully leap through the air in front of our ship!

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