Roaring San Diego opens with historical exhibits!

Roaring San Diego officially opened today in the lobby of the City Administration Building!

Throughout the month of October, the Office of the City Clerk is presenting the 4th Annual Archives Month. In 2022 the event focuses on the history of San Diego a century ago during the Roaring 1920s. The educational event includes an exhibit, lectures at the Central Library, and a very special tour of the City Archives!

I listened this morning as the City Clerk and other notable speakers introduced Roaring San Diego in front of the exhibit inside the City Administration Building.

The archive photographs in the exhibit provide a fascinating window to our shared past. I paused to gaze at notable moments in history, wondering what life might have been like during the 1920s. It was a very different era–and yet people remain people, and you can see the humanity in their faces.

To learn more about Roaring San Diego, and how you can attend a lecture or take a tour of the City Archives, click here!

The City Clerk Archives has been preserving public records in San Diego since 1850.

San Diego City Clerk Elizabeth Maland introduces Roaring San Diego.

San Diego Mission Beach, Opening Day. August 4th, 1925. The historic old wooden roller coaster looks much the same today!

Early Black Firefighters in Logan Heights, circa 1927.

Several dresses in the Roaring San Diego exhibit represent American fashion in the 1920s.

Morena Bridge during the Great Flood in 1927.

People in pose front of Charles Lindbergh’s plane, the Spirit of St. Louis, which was custom built by Ryan Airlines in San Diego.


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