San Diego gets ready for 2022 Comic-Con!

It’s now only one week until 2022 Comic-Con!

Look at all the cool stuff appearing in downtown San Diego as everyone prepares for the huge event!

All along Martin Luther King Jr. Promenade, banners have been hung promoting The CW superhero shows The Flash and Superman & Lois.

Dozens of trolley cars have been wrapped and are now seen cruising all over San Diego.

Here’s one that looks like a school bus. This was the first design to appear a few weeks ago. It promotes ABC television’s show Abbott Elementary.

Special trolley service will be offered by MTS during Comic-Con.

A Special Event Line will run between the Balboa Avenue station and 12th and Imperial. Needless to say, all the trolley lines will be quite busy! Read the notice. They can be obtained on the trolleys.

Fences now surround areas along MLK Promenade where offsite activations will be.

I was told by someone who appeared knowledgable that FOX will have an offsite near The New Children’s Museum. (I’m assuming it will be where FOX had their Ferris wheel one year.)

Childrens Park with its fountains is presently being renovated and won’t be used this year for Comic-Con.

The next photo is the grassy area by the Hilton Gaslamp. I look forward to seeing what pops up here!

On the convention center side of the Hard Rock Hotel, a wrap is being applied that promotes Apple TV+ show Severance.

San Diego artist and muralist Shirish Villaseñor (@shirishtheartist) has been adding color to her figures on the windows of Sweet Things Frozen Yogurt, at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront…

That huge Teen Wolf the Movie wrap on the Park 12 high-rise now has a second side! The pack is back!

And look what I spotted from the Harbor Drive pedestrian bridge. Another new trolley wrap! This one promotes The Gray Man in select theaters from NETFLIX.

I was then able to get a quick ground level photo as it went by…

Check out these super cool wraps in the Gaslamp Quarter that went up today. They promote Amazon Prime Video’s new series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

Awesome! Looks like a third wrap is still going up…

Finally, the Fifth Avenue side of the Pendry San Diego hotel is almost done being wrapped. It promotes AMC’s new show Interview With The Vampire.

The friendly workers who were nearby gave my camera a thumbs up!

If you’d like to view my coverage of Comic-Con so far, which includes hundreds of cool photographs, click here!

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