More fantastic art in Azalea Park!

Here are more photographs of fantastic art that I discovered during my recent adventure in Azalea Park.

This neighborhood on the south end of City Heights is full of surprises, with murals, sculptures and mosaics just about everywhere one turns!

If you’d like to see more public art in Azalea Park that I’ve already shared, you can click here or here or here or here.

Large mural at intersection of Poplar Street and Jamie’s Way by Gloria Muriel.
Mural shows map of City Heights Urban Wilderness Trail.

If you’d like to see a detailed map of the City Heights Canyons Loop Trail, which connects four urban canyons, click here!

One of these days I’ll go hike it!

Natural beauty and wildlife one might see exploring the canyons of City Heights, including nearby Manzanita and Hollywood Canyons.
Teach the Youth above graffiti and Mexican sweet bread, painted on the side of a bakery near the entrance to Azalea Park.
I learned from local artist Jim Bliesner that these colorful palm trees on Poplar were originally located on University Avenue in City Heights.
Murals on The Brown Building community center.
Abstract mural with eyes by Isaias Crow.
Mural on building’s southwest side by @SART95.
A suspended leaf on a street corner. A common sight in Azalea Park, whose street names come from plants and trees.
Amazing artwork on the fence of a very artistic resident of Azalea Park!
Shipping containers by the playground at Azalea Community Park are covered with fantastic murals!
Cool spray paint art by muralist Maxx Moses.
A wall just east of the Azalea Park Water Conservation Garden has been decorated with beautiful murals. Gloria Muriel teamed with several other artists.
Calla Ditos and Gloria Muriel, aka Glow.
Amandalynn and Lady Mags together are known as Alynn-Mags.


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