New electronic sign encourages bicycling.

Early this morning I made an interesting discovery!

I was walking along Pacific Highway in downtown San Diego when I noticed an electronic sign has been recently installed near the County Administration Center. This colorful City of San Diego sign appears to encourage bicycling.

Evidently the new electronic sign will show the number of cyclists that are on the road “today” and “this year.” If that’s the case, it will probably be an estimate.

Of course, I could be entirely wrong about the sign’s function. Once it’s activated, we’ll see what appears!


And this is what I found early one morning a few months later…


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3 thoughts on “New electronic sign encourages bicycling.”

  1. I’ll be interested in how that sign is used, and its impact (as best you can figure it out). We have a similar cyclist-counting/encouraging sign on the cycle path here at one end of False Creek. I don’t know if/how the data are used, beyond being a visible encouragement to cycle.

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    1. Funny thing is, this stretch of Pacific Highway doesn’t really receive a high volume of traffic–either cars or bikes. And unless you walk right next to the sign, it’s hard to make out what it says. I even had trouble getting good photos–I had to increase the contrast quite a bit. I guess if people see it on the news or on social media, the sign might serve its purpose more effectively…

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