The faded beauty of Marina Village.

Today I went for a long walk along Mission Bay. During my modest adventure I found myself passing through old, seemingly lifeless Marina Village.

I first visited the Marina Village Conference Center next to Quivira Basin when I was a young person–perhaps 45 years ago. I went with my father to some sort of convention or business meeting, then walked around for an hour or two as I waited for him.

Marina Village’s fresh beauty back then made an impression that I still vaguely remember. The warm wood framing airy walkways, the bright bougainvillea everywhere, the friendly-looking buildings, the courtyards here and there, sparkling water and boats nearby…

That great beauty has since faded, along with the place’s popularity.

But if you use your imagination, you might picture Marina Village with a new coat of paint, a few repairs, straightened lanterns, and colorful, fluttering banners.

My memory is far from perfect, but that is how I remember this beloved place almost half a century later in my mind’s eye.

Check out the stained glass panels on one of the buildings that I saw today as I walked down memory lane!


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9 thoughts on “The faded beauty of Marina Village.”

    1. I don’t know for certain. But I think years ago it didn’t have the competition that is has today with big, modern convention centers. I do see events there from time to time. I do know the annual San Diego Audubon Society Bird Festival is held there.

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  1. I spent some time there too. There was a two-story restaurant/bar where I went dancing, a venue where I attended a couple of weddings, and a Mexican restaurant on the far side. I think one of the problems was the location… it could be hard to find if you weren’t familiar with the area. But, thanks for a great suggestion of a scenic place to walk where there isn’t a lot of people 😎

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  2. I used to go there often. There were some restaurants there at one time. Salmon House, Then it became Fast Eddie’s. A restaurant opened by a TV sportscaster.. it had telephones on each table with a number, and you could call other diners.

    I spent a lot of time at Dos Amigos. It was a popular dance club and restaurant that competed with Diego’s over in Pacific Beach. Very busy place on the weekends. People obviously knew how to find those places back then… in the 80’s.

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  3. Yeah! We used to see live music at the Salmon House in our 20’s – was a blast. Found this trying to figure out what building that was online 😊 Going to Aquarius for the first time this week 😎

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  4. Every so often, I go there because of great memories. We dined at the Salmon House and the Chinese restaurant, but the reason I like to go back is to look at the restaurant were my parents had their 50th. Wedding anniversary.
    We went there today and my husband an I don’t agree on the location of the Salmon House. The restaurant they had their celebration is the one in the pictures here. I don’t remember the name and would love someone to remind me of it.
    In my memory, the Salmon house was straight next to the other buildings. The name is on the tip of my mouth and can’t come out with it.
    Thanks for anyone who remembers

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  5. I was living in a 32 ft Catalina sailboat behind The Salmon House Steak & Seafood. At age 20 I lied on a resume and became the General Manager of the whole place in its last few months until a nightclub security boss (all ex-Marines) bought it to save the dying business. They fired everyone who’s hands were in the register and revamped everything. New staff, new nightclub after dinner hours, which lasted a year until bankruptcy. The original owner and her husband and daughter all own many restaurants, some in Mexico. Not old enough to drink and managed all of Salmon House’s many bars inside, lol. Good times!

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