Major construction projects underway in Balboa Park!

Numerous major construction projects are now underway in Balboa Park!

It appears workers were very busy while the park was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Today the center of Balboa Park reopened to the public, and as I walked around I was surprised to see all the construction activity!

The above photo and the one that follows shows the long-planned public viewing platform being built around the park’s landmark Moreton Bay Fig tree!

I once blogged more information concerning this project here.

The next three photos show how the Mingei International Museum’s major transformation is well underway! I believe the construction you see on one side of the building is going to be the Mingei’s new theater.

If you want an idea of how things will look when finished, you can visit my blog post concerning the Mingei’s transformation here.

I was really surprised to see that the Palisades area of Balboa Park has begun it’s historic transformation!

Half the old parking lot–the side nearest the San Diego Air and Space Museum–will be turned into a pedestrian plaza, and might eventually feature a monumental fountain that will recall the Firestone Singing Color Fountains of the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition!

Finally, I saw a great deal of progress has been made building the five new structures at the House of Pacific Relations International Cottages! The new cottages will be the future home of nine nations.

I’ve blogged about this long delayed project on several occasions. You can see a map of the project here, and see photos I took of the groundbreaking ceremony in 2016 here.

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6 thoughts on “Major construction projects underway in Balboa Park!”

  1. What happened to the idea of putting back the Palm Canyon Bridge????
    You got to it’s entrance behind Alcazars Garden, next to the archery range. It took you safely across Palm Canyon to (I believe) beside the Balboa Park Club.

    We do NOT need to lose parking & add pretty public areas. The subject of removing parking in front of the Starlight Bowl parking area was vetoed once and yet here it is under construction.

    The parking is being chipped away at Balboa Park & eventually the city will force us to build that garage that will charge the people of San Diego to visit our City Park.

    I realize maintenance money comes out of different city pockets, but somehow construction money seems available and maintenance money isn’t.


    1. I agree parking is important. I kind of liked the idea of an underground structure behind the Organ Pavilion, but I guess that won’t happen. I guess they had planned to charge for that parking. I’ve always wondered why parking isn’t encouraged in the huge lower parking lot at Inspiration Point, and simply add a convenient shuttle stop. At least, according to articles I’ve read, relatively few parking spaces will go away as a result of the new Palisades park area. And there’s something to be said for more pretty public areas. That is, after all, primarily what the park is all about.


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