More magical morning light downtown.

Yes, I intend to spend more time writing, less effort searching for photographs.

But this morning as I walked through downtown San Diego, magical light appeared right in front of me!

I live in downtown San Diego and love to walk around with my camera! You can follow Cool San Diego Sights via Facebook or Twitter!

Published by

Richard Schulte

Downtown San Diego has been my home for many years. My online activities reflect my love for writing, blogging, walking and photography.

10 thoughts on “More magical morning light downtown.”

      1. Umm. I went to Reddit, and read that the light is redder (= warmer, more golden) when the sun is closer to the horizon because the volume of air through which it must pass is greater than when it is higher in the sky. All about “Rayleigh scattering” and I hope that is clearer to you than to me!

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