Stingaree: an exciting novel set in early San Diego!

Historical photo of the First and Last Chance Saloon, inside San Diego's rowdy Stingaree District.
Historical photo of the First and Last Chance Saloon, inside San Diego’s rowdy Stingaree District.

Murder! Gambling halls and brothels! Wyatt Earp! Corrupt police! Scheming businessmen! Secretive gangs! Pirates! A rip-roaring story dripping with suspense and excitement!

Would you like to read the first few chapters of a thrilling novel set in late 19th century San Diego? Jack Tyler, a talented author of adventure and steampunk fiction, is now writing an action-packed novel titled Stingaree, which takes place in San Diego’s old red-light district–an area of town that today is part of the Gaslamp Quarter. He has made many great chapters available to the public–for free! Click here to visit his website, then find the link to Stingaree.

In the late 1800s, the Stingaree was where sailors, ranch hands, and the working class sought their thrills in a depressed and rather desolate city. It was home to dozens of gambling parlors, whorehouses and saloons. Law-abiding citizens stayed away for their own safety. To be seen in the Stingaree might destroy one’s reputation. At night all hell would break loose. Those who prospered running tawdry businesses in the Stingaree had to pay the police bribes and watch their own backs.

In the novel Stingaree, the reader will recognize a variety of historical persons and locations. From the construction of the Hotel del Coronado, to George Marston’s department store, to the Horton House Hotel–the story is an exciting journey back in time. Jack Tyler successfully presents a city full of danger, uncertainty and great promise. From his imagination emerges an assortment of wonderfully inventive characters.

I must say I really enjoyed reading the completed chapters. This is the sort of smart, well-constructed story that would make for a really entertaining movie or television series. Cliffhangers and plot twists abound. Enjoy a fun read by clicking here and look for the link to Stingaree!

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6 thoughts on “Stingaree: an exciting novel set in early San Diego!”

  1. Richard, my old friend, this is truly above and beyond! You should write ads for a major publisher; you even make me want to read this! As an update to your (and my!) readership, I intend to concentrate on this story exclusively until it is completed, and add one chapter a week (roughly) to what’s available. What you’re seeing is first draft that has been given a decent proofreading. Once it’s all posted, I’ll start the rewrite process, which in my case just means making sure that every word is the best one I could have used, and then it’s off to the publishers, at which time it will be removed for public view and offered for sale. So please, everyone, enjoy the ride, and check back every Friday for the next thrilling installment. And, thank you again, my friend. This is wonderful gift that I won’t soon forget!

    ~ JT

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