Taking a lesson from the Great Kindness Challenge!

A challenge for every person, both young and old. Very simply: be kind. (Click this image to enlarge!)
A challenge for every person, both young and old. It is very simply: Be kind!  (Click this image to read the poster!)

Have you heard of the Great Kindness Challenge? I hadn’t, until today.

The Great Kindness Challenge is put on by Kids For Peace, and I learned about it while I walked this morning through the International Non-Profits Fair in Balboa Park. (I’ll blog a little about this inspiring event shortly.) I was really struck by a thoughtful Kids For Peace poster challenging school students to engage in acts of kindness.

What an excellent idea! It seems this reminder to be compassionate, helpful and polite might apply to people of all ages. Sometimes we adults, during our hectic, numbing day-to-day routines, might benefit from a little lesson about the importance of having a warm heart and positive outlook!

Here are just a few of the 50 challenges. These are appropriate for both young and old…

Smile at 25 people.

Compliment 5 people.

Pick up 10 pieces of trash.

Make a new friend.

Tell a joke and make someone laugh.

Hug your friend.

Entertain someone with a happy dance.

Say “Good Morning” to 15 people.

Step up for someone in need.

Hold the door open for someone.

Learn to say “Hello” in a new language.

Create your own kind deed.

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