The Long-Waterman House on Bankers Hill.

The grand Long-Waterman House on Bankers Hill.
The gorgeous Long-Waterman House on Bankers Hill.

Bankers Hill is dotted with a variety of grand historic mansions. One of the most opulent–and one of my favorites–is the Long-Waterman House. It stands directly across the street from the barn-like Farm House that I photographed for an earlier blog post.

The Long-Waterman House was built in 1889 by famed architect D. B. Benson and is a superb example of the American Queen Anne style. The first owner was John Long, who headed the Coronado Fruit Package Company.  He also owned a business which imported exotic woods and manufactured hardwood veneer.  As you might expect, the interior of this house, which I’ve been fortunate to briefly see, is absolutely filled with warm, beautiful woodwork.

In 1891 the mansion was purchased by Robert Whitney Waterman, who’d just finished a term as Governor of California.  He died only a few months later.

Plaque in front yard of 1889 Long-Waterman mansion.
Plaque in front yard of 1889 Long-Waterman mansion.
Delightful architecture on Bankers Hill.
Delightful architecture on Bankers Hill.

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7 thoughts on “The Long-Waterman House on Bankers Hill.”

  1. My Great Aunt was caretaker for the house in the mid 70’s. Great house that had a lot of items from the 1800’s and early 1900’s that included tin-type photos, old clothing, books, London Times newspapers from 1914, dental equipment, a Grandfather clock on the landing of the stairwell that stuck chimes irregularly at night, a decorative 20’s vintage gas stove and in the servants quarters a framed stichwork that read, “There Is Rest In Heaven.” For history buffs, Channel 8’s Greg Dumas covered a piece about the house in 1976.

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    1. Thank you for the great comment! Once a year, due to my job, I get a glimpse of the inside, including the beautiful staircase and grandfather clock. Whenever I step through the front door, I feel like I’ve been transported back in time.


      1. I noted from Elsa Sivilla’s rececently re-broadcast on KPBS, of a tour of the Long-Waterman House produced in 2009, that the owner was using the home as a Bread & Breakfast. Is it still being used so today?

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