Surfing Santa arrives by flying a water jetpack!

here comes santa claus with a water jetpack

Wow! Santa returned to San Diego in grand fashion! He’s making his big entrance over the bay using a water jetpack! Here he comes! A huge crowd on the pier just north of Seaport Village was watching with excitement this Saturday afternoon!

Wait! That’s not just a regular, ordinary, everyday daredevil Santa Claus, but the one and only Seaport Village Surfing Santa!

santa is flying high on two jets of water

Surfing Santa rises high above the awestruck crowd to wave and wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Where’s his sack of presents?

santa whirls about in a circle above the bay

Now he’s just showing off. The jolly old guy is jetting about in a circle like a certified maniac with a ridiculously huge beard. The fish below are probably frightened out of their wits. The first time I saw Santa, I was a bit spooked, too.

an elf anxiously awaits surfing santa's arrival

This happy elf and Mrs. Claus patiently awaited old Saint Nick on the pier with a huge throng of onlookers. The reindeer must be taking the weekend off.

surfing santa walks down the pier for his reception

Here he is, larger than life! Surfing Santa! He’s boarded the pier and is making his way to Seaport Village to conduct his usual Santa Claus business.

santa boards pedicab sleigh at seaport village

After boarding a pedicab sleigh, Surfing Santa parades down the bayside walkway while people munching pizza look on in joy and disbelief.

Published by

Richard Schulte

Downtown San Diego has been my home for many years. My online activities reflect my love for writing, blogging, walking and photography.

5 thoughts on “Surfing Santa arrives by flying a water jetpack!”

  1. Greetings, Cool San Diego Sights

    I am volunteer Santa at the Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park and have been asked to do a book about Christmas in San Diego.

    I like some of your Christmas pictures and would like permission to use them in my book.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Santa Claus


    1. Please feel free to use any Santa pictures on my blog. I’m afraid I’ve deleted the larger versions of those images from my computer long ago to free up memory, so the images you might use aren’t very high quality. But if you find them to be useful, that would be great. If you use them, it would be really cool if you mention my blog! Good luck!


      1. Hey, Cool San Diego Sights Person,

        Thanks for permission to use your images.

        I will credit the photos as “coolsandiegosights blog” if that is OK.

        Today, I found a great image of “Season Greetings” on the USS Recruit at old NTC San Diego. I would to also like to use this.

        Whenever you see something “San Diego Christmas,” think of my book. You’ve got a great eye…

        Your pal, Santa


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