Shark spotted at local gas station!

A shark has been spotted next to a gas station's parking lot!
A shark has been spotted next to a gas station’s parking lot!

A gigantic shark was recently spotted swimming in the blue water next to a San Diego gas station’s parking lot! Here’s the photographic proof!

Okay, what you see is actually a very cool mural. And the shark is just a small portion of it. This awesome mural on a long wall by the gas station contains a bunch of surprising, colorful images! Check out the blue gravel path at the foot of the wall, enhancing the underwater effect!

Wondering where this public art can be found? In Little Italy, just north of downtown. Head up First Avenue and look to the left just before Elm Street. You can’t miss it!

This dolphin was also seen next to the gas station.
This dolphin was also spotted next to the gas station!
This seal doesn't mind the nearby shark.
This seal doesn’t seem to mind the nearby shark.

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