City Heights celebrates Unity in the Community!

Something extraordinary happened today. Members of the City Heights community came together to celebrate the completion of monumental public art. A ceremonial ribbon cutting was performed for one of San Diego’s most amazing murals!

Unity in the Community is a 270 foot long mural painted along a wall at the south end of Teralta Neighborhood Park. The mural has been six years in the making. I’ve posted several past blogs as I’ve observed the artwork’s creation.

Have you driven on I-15 where it passes underground in east San Diego? If so, you’ve driven under Teralta Park and this fantastic mural.

Today’s celebration not only brought together members of the City Heights community, but many organizations and city leaders who’ve played an important role in the planning, approval, funding and making of this mural. I couldn’t possibly name everybody, and I haven’t closely followed the complicated process, but you can learn all about the mural’s history at this dedicated website.

Three local artists have played big roles in creating Unity in the Community. I once blogged about Sake, who produced the initial rendering and the first stage of the painted art. (I met him here.)

More recently, the mural was completed by artist Karl Gindelberger aka GMONIK, and Melody De Los Cobos, artistic director of Love City Heights. Both were present for today’s ceremony and ribbon cutting.

Several speeches told of how, with the work of many, a once neglected and crime-ridden park has been reclaimed and revitalized. We all celebrated how this mural, with its many positive images, will build pride and a sense of ownership in the community. How this mural conveys diversity, harmony and acceptance. How this mural will become a backdrop for future community events, such as a proposed Taste of City Heights!

Everyone in attendance today could plainly see how, in the coming years, this wonderful mural will positively impact many lives.

If you want to see the entire Unity in the Community mural, I took lots of photographs last month and posted them here.

Walking along one section of the long, amazing community mural.

GMONIK, one of the mural artists, posed for a photo!

People talked and enjoyed the moment before the ceremony would begin.

A fun photo with a skateboarding dog!

Thanks is given to the many community leaders and parties responsible for the completion of the inspiring mural.

Gratitude to those who boldly forge ahead and make our world better.

Cutting the ribbon. Finally passing the finish line!

A bright vision realized.

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