A look outside Historic El Cajon Hall.

The last time I walked in El Cajon, I passed this two-story clapboard building at 169 E. Main Street. It’s the home of the restaurant Mezzah Mediterranean Tapas and More.

An intriguing plaque is mounted by the front door…

Historic El Cajon Hall


This building has also served as – newspaper office, a bank, telephone company, a lodge, Farmers Institute and a meat market.

Purchased by the Weinstock family and served as an appliance and radio store. 1932

Purchased and restored by Ross Nicholson 2002

Perhaps someone out there is knowledgeable about this building’s history.

I did a bit of internet searching and couldn’t find much. This page states: “…some research shows that the town marshal may have worked from the Weinstock Building since it was the only building in El Cajon at the time that had a working telephone. The building still stands at Prescott and Main.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Prescott Avenue once ran beside this building, before being converted into downtown El Cajon’s park-like Prescott Promenade.

This page has an incomplete paragraph that begins: “The oldest building still standing is located at 169 E. Main Street. Until the early 1900’s it housed the Home Telephone Company, the Cuyamaca Bank and the El Cajon News …”

Unfortunately, when the “Read More” link is clicked, the corresponding document seems to be no longer available.

Who out there knows more about this historic building? Leave a comment!


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3 thoughts on “A look outside Historic El Cajon Hall.”

  1. This is Rick with the El Cajon Historical Society. Your information is mostly correct. The Knox House museum at 280 North Magnolia is actually the oldest commercial building in El Cajon as it was built in 1876. We believe this building which has been commonly referred to as the Weinstock Building, may be the only building in El Cajon that may ever qualify for National Landmark status since it has never been moved. According to our information the newspaper that was published in this building was called the “Once a Week”. You are correct Prescott Ave did run beside this building. Thank you for bringing exposure to some of El Cajon’s history.

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