Evidence in Bonita of the Proctor Valley Monster?

The concrete cast of a weird, apparently inhuman footprint is now on display at the Bonita Museum & Cultural Center. Some residents who live in the area claim the cast is “concrete” evidence of the legendary Proctor Valley Monster.

Over the years, there have been various reported sightings of the Proctor Valley Monster along lonely Proctor Valley Road, in the secluded hills and fields east of Chula Vista, west of Jamul.

Certain witnesses have said the monster resembles Bigfoot, standing about seven feet tall and hairy, walking with long strides. Others have claimed the monster is entirely different. There have been accounts that the Proctor Valley Monster appears like a strange, mutilated cow, or a silent female apparition, or an inexplicable, ghostly light…

Articles I’ve found tell a few of these strange stories and provide possible explanations. Here and here and here and here.

According to an August 20, 2003 article in the San Diego Union-Tribune, which is also on display, nobody knows how the bizarre footprint cast ended up in the Bonita Museum’s collection. But there the footprint is, for anyone to see, mounted behind glass!

Is the Proctor Valley Monster merely an urban legend? Is the creature simply a product of human imagination, shadowy fear, and perhaps a bit of sly humor?

At the Bonita Museum visitors can also view a copy of the graphic novel Proctor Valley Road. I flipped quickly through it and discovered more than a few terrifying monsters. According to Amazon’s description, the book follows a group of kids down the most haunted, demon-infested stretch of road in America.

Well, San Diego has the Whaley House, commonly described as the most haunted house in America. We have the most haunted stretch of road, too?

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One thought on “Evidence in Bonita of the Proctor Valley Monster?”

  1. I saw Chupacabras underneath the rebuilt Willow Street Bridge on August 19th, 2020 at 2:30 AM
    They were the most bizzarre things I have ever seen, that anyone could ever see and never imagine. They were completely hunchbacked, their head being at the same height as the middle of their chest, the highest point being the hump that formed the midst of their back. They were covered in fur, not black, but the same color as night: that blue-ish, gray-ish, brown-ish dark neutral color that gives them better camoflauge than a coyote. I saw them because the parking lot lights at kaiser nearby caused them to cast silouettes, and when one was loping past on the jogging trail to my right, I shined my flashlight on it. My God, those eyes of theirs… Those are the Eyes of Fear. They have heads kind of like wolves, but with their teeth bared; they have a lot of teeth, moreso than any dog. They have snouts, almost a foot long, lined with dentition obviously catered towards a carnivorous diet. Their eyes reflect light, like cats or raccoons at night; this is called the tapetum lucidum, which is a membrane that gives certain animals the ability to see in the dark. They have only two legs, walk upright (though they are hunchbacked, like they have really bad rickets), and have two exceptionallt long arms, which must be six feet in length. Their hands (yes, hands), which have opposable thumbs, have foot-long claws at the end of each finger. That’s why I have also dubbed these creatures as “Rakes”, because their hands with claws resemble a garden rake. I had immediately before seeing them heard a noise like a duck quacking and splashing noises, like something had caught a duck. Then, I heard noise I cannot recall ever having heard before. It sounded like monkeys making monkey noises, but through their noses, with their mouths closed. It was the creatures communicating to each other! They have verbal language, totally indecipherable, but identifiable as language! That’s when they revealed themselves, as they rushed to escape. one of them ran through the darkness on the north side of the creek, and that’s when I saw in my peripheral vision the other one loping down the trail. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen, and thinking it could just be someone walking their dog at 2AM, I shined my flashlight on it. I got a good look at it, and it turned back and to its left, and looked right at me, so I was able to get a good look at its head. I saw it, and it saw me. This thing was enormous. it must have been six and a half feet tall, and had huge muscles, like a weightlifter. They exhibit a significant degree of anthromorphism, but given the circumstances, their appearance deviating from that of the average form of a human being, the noises they made while communicating with each other, and the fact that it was running away with the duck it had just killed hanging from its mouth, I amm absolutely certain this was a real thing. This was no prank, no asshole-in-a-costume bullshit. These were real-deal fucking monsters. These things exist, you go and ask around Bonita, ask around sunyside, ask around Chula Vista, ask around places extending up into Los Angeles, and there will be people who have seen these things, all over. You go to Bonita, and you ask me, and I will tell you all that I know about them. I’ve been studying them as much as I can, and since then, I have seen the mutiple times. These things could be the source of that footprint. The sasquatch has feet like a person. That cast right there looks like it came from something else. The Chula Vista Chupacabra. The Rakes of Bonita. The Procter Valley Monster? In my opinion, the PVM is far worse than the Rakes.


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